Video: How is basic programming performed on the ATS22 Soft Starter?


19 July 2022

How do I perform basic programming on the ATS22?

Product Line:
Altistart 22 Soft Start

All models and serial numbers


Basic Programming:

Conf Menu
Uln = line voltage
In= motor rated current (motor FLA) 
LAC= Advanced mode to access other menus

Set Menu
t90= Initial voltage
ILt= current limit (max current the motor will be allowed to pull)
ACC= Acceleration time (user preference per application requirements)
DEC= Deceleration time (user preference per application requirements)
tHP= Motor thermal protection (10,20,30)  Note: To activate tHP, set ItH to ErUn or On

Pro Menu
ItH= Overload protection (oFF / ErUn / On)

The following video walks the user through basic configuration of the ATS22:


The basic programming parameters to set up an ATS22 Soft Start can also be found in the User Manual