How can you copy a old ATV31 program into a new ATV312 drive?


07 June 2022

Can you transfer an ATV31 program into a new ATV312?

Product Line:
Altivar ATV312, ATV31


Needs to use the old file from his ATV31 and put that program into his new ATV312 drive.

Yes, you can copy the old ATV31 file into the new ATV312 drive.
You will need to set up your new ATV312 to act like a old ATV31 by setting the  ArE parameter to 31E or 31A.
The differences are as follows.
31A has the knob on the face of the old ATV31 drive.
31E does not have the knob only the 4 buttons on the face of the drive.
To copy the old program from the ATV31 into the new ATV312 drive you will need the original ATV31 remote keypad, Powersuite software V2.6 or the Multiloader.

See the attached pdf document for notes.