Can you switch between 2 wire control and 3 wire control using a logic input?


23 June 2022

Change between 2 wire control and 3 wire control with logic input.

Product Line:
Altivar 61, ATV61

All models, All serial numbers.


The drive must be programmed as either 2 wire or 3 wire control.  There is no way to change this without both programming and wiring changes to the drive. 

2 wire control - LI1 is run forward.  The default programming is a transition of LI1 from low to high in order to run.  This can be changed to Level switching.  LI1 must stay closed for the drive to run.
3 wire control - LI1 is stop (NC contact) and LI2 is run forward.  A momentary or maintained closure of LI2 causes the drive to run forward.  LI1 (stop) needs to be opened in order to stop the drive.