Why does an ATS48 soft starter only allow access to the status and the SUP menu?


15 July 2022

Only have access to Status and SUP Menu on ATS48.

Product Line:
ATS48 Soft starter with remote HMI


keypad is locked or stuck on SUP menu

The remote keypad has a locking switch to prevent tampering with settings. On the back of the remote keypad, there is a 3 position switch.  If this switch is in the ``FULLY LOCKED`` position, it will not allow access to any menus other than SUP.  Move this switch to the ``FULLY UNLOCKED`` position to gain access to all menus within the starter.

Note:  If the remote keypad was removed while in the locked position, the ATS48 will remain locked.  Reconnect the keypad and then move switch to "FULLY UNLOCKED" position.