Video: How can the ATS48 be run without a load/motor?


08 July 2022

Configuring ATS48 for Small-Load or No-Motor Operation

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Altistart 48 (ATS48)

All models

It may be necessary to operate the ATS48 with a small load for testing or troubleshooting purposes.

This functionality is very limited on the ATS48 soft starters.  The unit must have output current or it will fault on PHF.  
For testing purposes, setting menu drC, parameter SSt = ON allows the use of a small motor compared to the ATS48 rating.  Note that SSt does have limits for very small currents and may trip PHF in the event that the motor is severely undersized compared to the softstart.

Note: SST parameter reverts back to OFF upon a power cycle (control side) on the ATS48.