How the mechanical interlocking can be done between Masterpact M and Masterpact NW ACB’s by using two interlocks and one key.


30 September 2021

To interlock the two Air Circuit Breakers (ACBs) with the same key, you need to order the Ronis keylock reference 48550 or Profalux keylock 48546.

For the Masterpact M, if there is already a keylock installed previously then you need to remove the old keylock from the adaptation kit and you should replace it with the new keylock.

For Masterpact NW you need to order the adaptation kit reference 48541.


1. The adaptation Kit 48541 comes without any keylocks, and you will have to order the keylocks as per the above reference provided.

2. The reference of the adaptation kit is the same for both types of keylock (either Ronis or Profalux).