Video: How do you wire a neutral CT to a PowerPacT P or R frame or a MasterPact NT/NW breaker?


10 November 2022

Product Line:
Wiring Neutral Current Transformer to PowerPact P- & R-Frame or Masterpact NT/NW

There are different neutral CTs for the breakers based on the ampere rating of the breaker. Use the following installation bulletins to show how to wire it to the breaker.
  • For Masterpact NT and PowerPacT P, refer to 48049-273-04 .
  • For Masterpact NW and PowerPacT R, refer to 48049-222-04 .
  • Another installation bulletin that is useful is the NCTWIRING bulletin, 48041-082-03 .

The following is an example of neutral CT wiring for PowerPacT P and R, as well as MasterPact NT and NW (W frame).
Shown below is a neutral CT catalog number S33576, wired to a Micrologic trip unit in a PowerPacT P frame circuit breaker.

. NCT Wiring Example

NCT wiring example 2