How can you configure timer in Harmony HMI terminal to turn off the light on the screen.


17 July 2023

There are different ways available in Vijeo Designer software to control Backlight.

1) During Runtime:

You can do the required configuration through Runtime Configuration Menu. In this menu, you set up the Backlight to turn off after the target machine has idled for a certain period of time. The backlight turns back on when an alarm occurs or the user touches any of the following panels: Panel Screen, Function Key, Mouse, or Keyboard. When the Backlight turns back on, the Backlight timer resets to zero.

2) During Design time:

1. In the Offline tab, clickon the Backlight button to display the Backlight Control menu.
2. In the Backlight Control menu, select Wait, then define a length of time for the panel to wait before the backlight turns off. You can set the time to 15 or 30 seconds, or 1, 2, 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes.
3. Click OK to accept the settings and return to the Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu. To cancel the entry, click Cancel to return to the Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu.
4. After completing all the settings, click the To Run Mode button in the Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu. The Vijeo-Designer Runtime Configuration Menu closes and Runtime restarts. 


a)Backlight control is not supported for iPC or XBTGTW target machines. To adjust the backlight on these target machines, use the Windows Control Panel to adjust backlight settings.
b)We recommend to clear the Enable Touch checkbox if Backlight is Off. Select Enable Touch checkbox only when you have a specific need for this feature.

3) System Variable:

You can use System Variable "_Backlight" that turns the target's backlight ON or OFF, through animation (value animation and touch animation), switches (word and script operation), data displays, or Action tool or scripts. Refer Vijeo Designer online help for "_Backlight" system variable usage option.