When Active Pager Module (APM) is installed using a Remote OPC AE Server, does the Windows Administrator account used for DCOM configuration have to be the same on both PCs?



With Active Pager Module (APM) version 6.0 and newer, APM and the OPC AE Server do not have to reside on the same PC. If they are not located on the same PC, DCOM and IIS need to be configured. Instructions for this setup can be found in the Appendix of the APM User Guide, which is located on the installation disk for APM.
In section 1 of the instructions for the setup of "Remote Connection to OPC AE Server Using DCOM", a Local Windows Administrator Account must be added into the "OPCDCOM" group. This Local Windows Administrator Account must be the same (both name and password) on both the PC where APM is installed and the PC where the OPC AE server is installed. Otherwise, the OPC AE server will not be able to communicate with APM properly.