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What are the different types of rivets used?



3 types of rivets are used:
1) steel rivet :
use -> this is the standard rivet for Okken
spec -> diam 5 or 6 mm depending on the punching/ no precision about the lenght (it depens on the sheet tickness)
2) steel rivet diam.6 lenght 13:
use -> door hinges
spec -> Avdel Avibulb BN01-6013 with riveting machine whose nose is modified according to our drawings
3) aluminium steel rivet :
use -> outgoing bushings 20*5 and 40*5 (UV's 87372,87373,87265,87266)
spec -> diam 5/ lenght 10

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL183496 V2.0, Originally authored by PhBr on 04/12/2007, Last Edited by GwPo on 07/23/2010
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