Procedure for Adding a CM2000 Waveform Trigger Task in System Manager Software



A Waveform Trigger Task is needed in System Manager Software

Product Line
SMS 3.1
SMS 3.2
SMS 3.3
SMS 4.0
SMS 4.2
SMS 4.3

System Manager Software with CM2000's

No Task has been created in the software


To create a new task to trigger and upload a waveform from a Series 2000 Circuit Monitor, follow these steps:
1. Click Setup > Scheduled Tasks. The Setup Scheduled Tasks dialog box displays.
2. Click Tasks to display the Tasks dialog box. 3. From the Task Type box, select Onboard Data Log/Waveform Upload.
4. Click Add to display the New Task dialog.
. Enter a Task Name. (The Task Type displays from the previous dialog.)
6. Click Continue. SMS displays the Trigger CM2000 Waveform Capture Task dialog.
7. Select the CM-2000 circuit monitor (CM-2150 or higher) for which you want to upload information.
8. In the Waveform box, click 4-cycle to upload 4-cycle waveforms, or click Extended to upload extended waveforms.
9. Click OK
 Assign Tasks to a Reference Time To assign tasks to a reference time, follow these steps:
A. Click Setup > Scheduled Tasks. SMS displays the Scheduled Tasks dialog box.
B. In the Reference Time box, click the desired Reference Time
C. In the Tasks Available box, click a Task you want to assign to the selected Reference Time and drag it to the Tasks Selected box.
D. Click Close. SMS displays a prompt asking whether you want to save the current settings. To save the reference time(s) you just added, click Yes.