What are the limitations when transforming an XBTL1000 application for XBTP to XBTR?



This resolution concerns only XBTP terminal with printer port.

Conversion from XBTP022110 to XBTR411

For XBTP applications using printer function, the customers must take in account the following:

1. XBTRs don't support as many protocols as XBTPs.
From version XBTL V4.50, the supported protocols are :
- Modbus
- Modbus Slave
- Unitelway
- DH485
- Sysmacway
- DF1
(+ MTFX :but this one doesn't exist on XBTP)

2. XBTR cannot support form pages.

3. The function of the dialog table "free format print table" is not supported on XBTR.

Steps for conversion
Finaly, the main steps with XBTL1000 to convert an application from XBTP to XBTR should be:

1/ remove all form pages from XBTP application
2/ IF the protocol of XBTP application exist with XBTR application
THEN replace the terminal type for XBTP by the terminal type for XBTN
- change the protocol by selecting a new protocol
- change the terminal type

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