What can CET850 configure for the IEC61850 protocol for SEPAM?



What is the CET850 used for?

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CET850 can be used to:
1. Create an IEC61850 configuration using an ICD file or add a Sepam to an existing configuration.
2. Edit an existing CID or SCD file to modify its contents:
a. Add or remove a Sepam
b. Display the configuration
c. Modify communication parameter values
d. Optimize configuration by creating or modifying the dataset and report control block.
Note: The CID or SCD file may come from SFT2841
3. Generate a CID file for storing the configuration of one device which can then be downloaded to the Sepam or ECI850 using SFT2841 or by FTP with a standard internet browser.
4. Generate an SCD file for storing the configuration of an IEC61850 system which may then be used by other IEC61850 configuration tools.