What is the minimum cancelling time of the power supply voltage for the Sepam 2000 without its reinit (restart)?



Effects of interruptions of the DC power supply. (IEC 60255-11)
The effects are determined for an interruption with a duration chosen in the following list and declared by the manufacturer : 2 _ 5 _10 _ 20 _ 50 _ 100 _ 200 ms

The interruption must be sudden, i.e.the auxiliary power supply must vary from 0 to the rated value and the opposite .

The relay must not change erroneously its output status when the power supply value is applied or cancelled.

Fugitive cancellings Sepam 2000:
75 ms to Vsupply = Vnominal
30 ms to Vsupply = Vmini

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Applies To: Sepam 2000


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