How to diagnose a wrong functioning of Sepam 1000+?



The Installation and user's manuals of Sepam 1000+ specifies the steps to creating a fully functional Sepam system. It also gives details on the Sepam system behaviours when it is not operating in a optimal manner.

It can often help to get a graphical view of what is going on in the system. To do this, it is suggested to connect the Sepam with SFT2841 and in the thumbnail Sepam diagnosis, read the indicators on the displayed page so as to see the unavailable modules or accessories highlighted in red as shown in the following screen shot:



More Information

  • Sepam defines 2 types of fault states:

- minor fault
- red led (wrench key) : blinking
- watch dog : closed (ok)
- status : protection are still in opération but something not necessary for all protections is not working

- major fault
- red led (wrench key) : steady
- watch dog : open
- status : not operationnal
  • Depending on what part of the Sepam system is not working, connection using SFT2841 may not be possible. If it is, on diagnosis tab you will be able to see if the problem comes from an external part of the Sepam.

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