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How to save of alarm message histories?



Basic principle
For Sepam series 20 and series 40,

The saving of alarm message histories can only be done by a remote monitoring and control system since this is the only effective means of saving in a substation that includes several Sepam devices. The devices are connected in a Modbus network to the remote monitoring and control system.

However, there is a simple but effective way to save individual Sepam histories, if the customer accepts to connect locally to the Sepam with a PC.

The procedure is described below:

Sepam series 20

The only possibility consists of saving a screen copy as follows:

- SFT2841 is connected to the Sepam

- select the diagnosis icon, history tab

- save the screen by pressing ALT + Print Screen

- paste in a Word filing by pressing CTRL+V

- name and save the file

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL166597 V2.0, Originally authored by LaVI on 06/20/2008, Last Edited by DaMi on 06/20/2008
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