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What is the proper method to secure a NetShelter SX to the floor, and what are the bolt patterns?



Cabinets may need to be secured to the floor.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX
All versions and serial ranges.
Cabinets need to be secured to the floor, possibly for seismic stabilization.
APC provides four options for securing the cabinet to the floor. They are:
  • AR7701-S IBC High Seismic Area Mounting Bracket. 
  • AR7701 Bolt-down Kit. 
  • Pallet Mounting Bracket. This bracket attaches the NetShelter cabinet to it's shipping pallet.
  • AR7700 Stabilizer Plate Kit. 
The AR7701-S Bolt-Down Kit is to be used for IBC High Seismic Area compliant installations.
The AR7701 and Pallet Bracket may be used for installations in IBC Low Seismic Area and IBC Moderate Seismic Area. The AR7701 is painted black to match the cabinet. The pallet bracket is metallic.
Note: the pallet bracket and AR7701 Bolt-Down Kit in the illustrations below are installed both inside and outside of the cabinet. They only need to mount inside or outside the cabinet, not both. 
The AR7700 is for stabilization and does not bolt to the floor. It is not a seismic mounting bracket. 

Bolt hole dimensions for AR3100 using the pallet bracket and AR7701 are in the file below "BSYN-6MX6P7_R6_EN".
Bolt hole dimensions for the AR7701-S are in the file below "IBC High Seismic Area Bracket Bolt Hole Dimensions". 
Bolt hole dimensions for other cabinets can be found on each individual cabinet's product page of the APC website under the Documentation tab.