How do I change ownership of a home in Wiser by SE?


01 January 0001

There are two ways that ownership of a home can be transferred, these can only be done by the current owner of the created home:

1. Ownership of a home can be transferred to another Administrator within the home. To do this go to Home Management,  Select the desired Home to be transferred, at the bottom of the screen there will be Transfer Home Ownership. Tap on this and select the member of the home you wish to transfer ownership to.

2. Transfer ownership of a home via a redeem code. To do this go to Home management, select the home you wish to transfer, tap on Transfer Home Ownership, tap on Transfer Through Redeem Code, use the Toggle on the Redeem Code and then send the Redeem code that has been generated to next owner.

Note: When transferring ownership via the redeem code it must remain enabled and the one transferring the home must not delete the home until transfer is complete. The home will automatically be removed from the previous owners Wiser by SE app a soon as the new owner enters the redeem code. A pop up notification will be sent to notify the previous owner.