Why can't I login using my mobile number or email?


01 January 0001

You can only log in to Wiser by SE app with the phone number or email you initially used when registering an account in Wiser by SE. 

If you want to log in using an email or phone number you didn't register with, the email or phone number needs to be added/linked to your account. This can be done by tapping the 3 bars at the top left for the menu slide-out, tapping on your account name, going to account and security and then adding in either the phone number or email that is missing. Once added you will be sent a verification code to bind that email/phone number.

Note: You cannot change the phone number/email that was used when registering or the other email or phone number, whichever is not used while registering, is added and bound/verified to the account.  
There can only be one email and one phone number linked with an account.