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Customer Support Guide

We are here to help you, anytime, anywhere.

From technical support to complete customer service, we care about your business and individual needs.

The mySchneider portal is like your own, personalized self-service site, with access to all the information and support your enquiry: Real-time Price & Availability, Quote and Order entry, Order and Shipment status.

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Get a Quote

Send your quotation request to quotes.au@se.com and we will look after you. While we endeavour to respond to simple quotation enquiries within 24 hours, more complex requests may take up to 3 working days. Where relevant, please ensure to provide project name, site address and contractor details to enable us to respond faster. Providing SE part numbers will also assist the turnaround time.

Manage your orders



Placing your order

You can place your order via mySE, EDI (electronic data interface) or email. Please ensure your order is placed prior to Schneider Electric cut-off times.

You can check the lead times and cut-off times for your postcodes here.





Order Confirmation

As soon as your order is validated, check the details of your order confirmation that we email to you: 

Modification / cancellation of orders* can be done by contacting Customer Care, so we can advise if changes are still feasible to meet your requirements.

* This does not apply to Made-to-Order (MTO) or orders that have already been processed.


Manage Your Delivery

Pick a Speed

Check the lead times and cut-off times for you postcodes here.



Stock Order



  • A competitive lead time for your day-to-day business
  • Free of charge
  • A faster delivery for urgent situations
  • A surcharge will apply, contact Customer Care for pricing
  • A delivery to support the replenishment of your branch ensuring availability for your customers, within the committed lead time
  • From your local Clipsal/ Schneider Electric Distribution Centre
  • A form of ID is required
  • Limited to 5 lines per order and products stocked at your local Distribution Centre
  • The fastest possible deliver, available 24/7, for system outage or safety critical solutions
  • Limited to 5 lines per order and products stocked in the country
  • A surcharge will apply, contact Customer Care for pricing

Select your delivery options

Partial Delivery*

Complete Order

Staging Order

Onsite Delivery

Requested Delivery Date

Items are delivered as they become available.

*default option

All order lines are grouped into one delivery when all order lines are available.

Orders are split into multiple deliveries according to the dates you define.

We can deliver your order to an alternate address in Australia.

A $40 surcharge per order will apply.

Anticipate future needs, by placing your order today and selecting a future delivery date.

delivery boxes

Receiving your delivery

Transportation is organised by Schneider Electric and your order will be delivered within business hours.

You can track the status of your order, check delivery dates and retrieve Proof of Delivery (POD) at any time on mySchneider.

In every shipment, you will find a packing list. An Invoice will be generated overnight and be available in mySchneider the next business day.

After-sales Support

Faulty Return

If your customers return our product as it is faulty, please ask for the fault reason. Email Customer Care with the request, remembering that providing more details will help us resolve your request faster.

Commercial Return

To make it easier for you ensure the products
Products may be returned but they must be unused, in original packaging and condition. Please note, not all products can be return. Please check mySE for products that can be returned by consulting the Price and Availability page, or contact Customer Care. Check out the Visual Inspection Checklist on mySE to understand the standards.


We provide on-site field services to ensure your customers have after-sales support. If your customer is having issues with installed SE products, please advise them to contact Customer Care for further support.
We also provide after-sale support to your end users. If you have a consumer/electrician asking about faulty installed Clipsal products, please advise them to visit www.clipsal.com/warranty or call Customer Care.