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Kitchen & bathroom trends

Expert advice to create perfect kitchens and bathrooms


Kitchens and bathrooms are two of the most rewarding and complex rooms in your home to design, whether you’re building from scratch or renovating.

They’re also two of the most expensive, so it pays to consider how you want to use them now and into the future as this will guide your choices in layout, fixtures, fittings and electric home design.

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Getting smart

Katherine also recommends smart touches such "LED strip lighting added to tiled niches in the shower. It's such a minor detail but it really elevates the look of a bathroom.”

The Wiser Smart Home range also offers a variety of smart accessories to enhance your bathroom and add comfort and convenience to your everyday life. A humidity sensor can for instance automatically turn your exhaust fan and heated towel rail on when moisture is detected and turn it off once humidity levels return to normal.

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Expert advice

So, when it comes to creating your perfect kitchen or bathroom, take time to make sure that everything from the floor plan to the appliances and electric home design are just right.

With a little planning and some expert advice you can have a space that works perfectly for you and adds so much to the everyday enjoyment of your home.