Inside an electrician’s home
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Inside an electrician’s home

Using electric home design to enhance family life

In today’s busy world, a home that simplifies and enhances daily life sounds like a great idea. For Master Electrician and mother-of-four, Sarah Loveday, it was a must-have.

“I wanted our house to be really user-friendly and operate around my family’s lifestyle,” explains Sarah, who is a third generation electrician and the managing director of family business Loveday Electrical. 

With three teenagers and a toddler under one roof, her modern home in Queensland’s North Lakes shows how thoughtful electric home design can create a space that’s both family-friendly and a sanctuary for relaxation.

Master Electrician Sarah Loveday

A home that cares for you

For Sarah, taking the time to plan how her home could work for her family and really add to their daily life, was well worth it. 

“I finally have a home that understands me completely,” she says. 

“I can make updates as I need, but the biggest bonus is letting my home look after the small details so that I can enjoy time with my family.”

Master Electrician family home
Master Electrician using Wiser Smart Home app
Master Electrician home exterior

Wiser lighting moments

Sarah has used Wiser to create different lighting ‘moments’ around the house, like after the busy time of dinner and homework when a screen tap turns off the brighter downlights in the kitchen and dining area, leaving softer LED strip lighting for relaxing together in front of the TV.

Tread lights on staircases and dimmed sensor lights in the hallways and bathrooms are a useful safety feature too and helpful if the children get up at night for the bathroom.

Outside, the garden at the front and rear of the house lights up automatically at dusk and turns off later in the evening. “That's one of my favourite things,” says Sarah. “We spent a lot of money on garden lighting, but before we put it on the smart timer switches we rarely used it, unless we had people coming over. 

"Every day when I get home in the dark my garden lighting is on and I don't have to remember to turn it off. It makes me really love my home.”

Master Electrician master bedroom
Master Electrician family in living room
Master Electrician bedroom
Master Electrician operating Wiser by SE app
Master Electrician Sarah Loveday and child in smart home kitchen

Safe and sound with switchboard protection

As an electrician, Sarah is very familiar with the importance of switchboard protection and for her own home, she chose AFDDs for detecting arc faults which will help keep her family safe, and surge protection which will help protect the investment she made in her devices and appliances.

“Everyone has so many electronics in their homes these days, but they don't really understand the damage that a lightning strike, even just in the vicinity, can do to your property,” she says.

“It makes sense to have surge protection installed in the switchboard to protect your entire home.”