Dream homes do come true
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Dream homes do come true

Discover Jules Coffey’s fantastic family home

Mixed stone, concrete and oak textures paired with an array of design trends fill Jules Coffey and her family’s dream home in New South Wales’ Redhead. Just south of Newcastle.

Having always wanted to build a home from scratch, Jules loved the dreaming, creating, and building process and seeing her vision come to life from a block of land.

Throughout the process, it was imperative that her home reflected her personality, hence her playfulness in mixed trends, elements, textures and materials. But while this busy mum wanted an aesthetically pleasing home, functionality and practicality were crucial – which is where Clipsal came in, firmly recommended by their electrician, Josh.

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Clipsal product in child's bedroom
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Personalise where you can

How could Jules reflect her individuality and personality while making her home comfortable and practical for her two little girls?

“In our bathrooms we’ve got the Clipsal Iconic with the personalised icons [and] the sensor, which is amazing.”

Given Jules was designing a family home, intuitive elements made all the difference in creating a comfortable space her family would love.

“The sensor turns on when you walk into the bathroom… When the girls use the toilet in the evening or nighttime, they walk in and the sensor activates and turns that stoplight on” explains Jules.

“I loved that about the Clipsal Iconic, that at night the main switches actually have an illuminated light, which makes them easy to find in the dark.”

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Play with it

Workshopping ideas with the builder and her husband to ensure they maximised the space and utilised areas was crucial.

“I’ve been incredibly hands-on, I’ve made sure that I was here every day and just noticing things and challenging the builders and I guess ourselves and trying to see what we can improve on” tells Jules.

“For instance, we’ve got a garden bed upstairs” describes Jules, which was originally going to a rooftop. “I didn’t like the idea of that. So I said, ‘Oh, I think it’d look really good as a garden bed.’

“The builder and my husband were both like, “Oh, I don’t think that’s possible.” But I’d seen it done before… so we workshopped it and made it happen!”

“There were lots of different aspects in the home where we did that. And I think that’s really important to do when you’re building and creating your home.”

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Professional advice helps

In addition, Jules suggests, “Getting advice from an interior designer or anybody in that field to make sure that everything ties together really beautifully.” 

“You can have a vision but it can be really difficult to kind of tie all the rooms together” she explains. “I found that a challenge. I had an idea for the laundry and then an idea for the powder room, an idea for the kitchen. But it's actually really important that all of those rooms flow together really beautifully. So I got advice from an interior designer just to make sure that everything went together really well.”

Jules’ final advice to anyone renovating or building? “This is your home, you're creating a space that you're going to live in, it has to be what you really love. All the styles, all the textures, everything that you're putting into it makes sure you get what you want.”

Jules Coffey’s fantastic family home

Dream homes do come true