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Design’s in the details

How Loz and Nick created their dream home

Loz Markham's Chic Self-Built 4-Bedroom Home: A Reflection of Personality and Style

Unleashing her newly discovered creative side, self-described interior design addict Lauren ‘Loz’ Markham is focused on using every design detail to express her and her partner, Nick Baggio’s, personalities in their chic self-built 4-bedroom home.

Loz, a sports presenter for 10 years, happened to be out of work at the same time she and her partner were building their dream home in Berry on New South Wales’ south coast. Jumping on as “an unofficial apprentice”, she fell in love with home design and construction – and started her hilarious and helpful lifestyle Instagram ‘A Builder’s House’. Now their styling journey has begun and she’s using Clipsal products to help her interior design vision come to life.

Woman pressing the switch of a Clipsal Iconic product

Iconic socket in kitchen
Iconic switch in bedroom
Iconic socket in kitchen

It’s all in the detail

It was wanting that simple, sleek and sophisticated look that led Loz to the Iconic range. “You absolutely cannot go past the Clipsal Iconic range – their standard cover plates fit in perfectly with whatever white you’re using on your walls” she recommends.

“Something that really appealed to us with Clipsal’s Iconic range is that their switches matched not only our walls, but our tiles as well… [the] range really blends in with any space. Plus, it has the versatility that if you change your mind in a few months or a few years, you can change the cover plates with your style as well.”

Dining room

Future focused

Loz plans for their style to evolve and change so focused on designing spaces that set the right tone, look and feel. “We wanted to build something that would grow with us when we were ready to have kids but was also small enough that it didn’t feel too big for us right now” she explains.

So Loz focused on key areas to create a space that felt like ‘them’ and suited their hobbies, personalities and lifestyle – in particular, the kitchen, living and dining space.

“I love to be in the kitchen, I love to entertain, I love to cook, make a mess, drink with friends around our beautiful dining table. So creating a space that was welcoming for entertaining and also relaxing for when it’s just Nick and I, was really important to me.”

The layout of their living space was very deliberate to ensure it had a warm, welcoming, family feel. Having an island bench was key, which they placed next to their dining table, in order to blend those spaces together and be able to “talk to people, whether they’re sitting on the couch or at the dining table.”

Couple hanging picture frame

The finishing touch

Now, for Loz, it’s all about the finishing touches. “The finishes in your home are, I would argue, the most important part… why would you come in and put cheap finishes in your home?”

Clipsal’s Iconic range is “the perfect finishing touch, as they’re not going to stand out the same way that regular switches would.”

“We have a lot of our friends come and ask us questions about building and styling when they’re about to embark on their build or renovation journey. And the thing we always tell them is, a) make sure you plan and b) spend your money on your finishes. And for that reason alone, we are always recommending Clipsal to our friends and family.”

Loz’s takeaway from the whole building and designing process? “Do not settle for anything less than your dream, because it’s likely going to be the most expensive thing that you do in your life. So make sure you get a builder that sees your vision and make sure you use products that ignite your soul and absolutely grab it with both hands and run for it because it will be the most fun and most rewarding thing that you ever do.”


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