Clipsal Electric Home Design Resources

Clipsal Electric Home Design Resources

What are we trying to achieve?

We want homeowners to consider electric design solutions earlier in their new build or renovation journey by helping them imagine the exciting possibilities that electrical design might unlock in their home.

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This training module with a high-level overview of the product range, key features, consumer hot topics and applications of selection of products used in the Clipsal Campaign.

Clipsal Electric Home Design Inspiration

Learn more about Clipsal’s innovative product solutions and how it lays the foundations for everyone’s unique home vision. Maximise the possibilities of a home designed for your client’s lifestyle that grows with them as their needs evolve.

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Digital Asset Toolkit

This toolkit will provide you with the commercial ready assets you need to maximise the value of the Clipsal Campaign. Assets include:

  • Electric Home Design Consumer Images
  • Electric Home Design Product Images
  • Featured Blogs & Case Studies
  • Social Media Posts
  • NEW Campaign Video Links
  • Homeowner Support Materials & Tools

Homeowner Support Materials

Use these support materials to help your clients visualise the electrical design possibilities in their home with Clipsal.

Inspiration for your client

Homeowner Digital Tools

Help your clients get personalised recommendations for their home with our My Home Enhancer tool and explore the electric design possibilities with our Build your Iconic tool.

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My Home Enhancer

A home is unique and should be designed according to your clients' tastes, preferences and lifestyle.

But with so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to select the right solutions for your project. 

Simply answer a few questions about your clients' preferences and the unique project and the My Home Enhancer will provide your clients with budgeting advice and personalised recommendations to help optimise their electrical plan and enhance their home. 

Customise Iconic

Help your clients' choose their style, select their switch and customise to meet their needs. Select a wall colour to complement the switches style, colour and finish. Create a list, sort the list by rooms and share by email. Its that easy!