Clipsal Caloundra Fans

Product Recall

What’s the problem?

A potential quality issue within the blades have been identified, which could lead to cracking and may become detached over time.

The products are within date codes of 1 November 2019 to 1 May 2021.

How do I identify the product?

Each Clipsal Caloundra fan will have a Clipsal Logo found on the blades itself. This does not include Unit installed / Purchased post June 2021.

What products are being recalled?

The products being recalled are Clipsal branded Caloundra Fans supplied after 1st of November 2019 and before 1st of May 2021 with the below reference numbers: 

C4HS1300-WE, C4HS1300-AN and C4HS1300L-WE Black And White

What product will the potentially non-compliant product be replaced with?

The current blades will be replaced with improved formulated blades.

How do I arrange replacement products?

For wholesalers to return stock, contact Customer Support on 13 73 28 to arrange an RMA.

For contractors and end users, contact Customer Support through 13 73 28 to log a case.

Customer Support will:

  • Request the name of the site, the number and references of the blades to be replaced.
  • Find out whether the contractor will replace it themselves or require Schneider to arrange a service agent.

Contact details for further information

Media Enquiries Natalie Mina -

Logging of Returns Customer Support – 13 73 28

Request a Service Call Customer Support – 13 73 28