Cleaning Care

For your light switches and power points

Tips to help maintain your light switches and power points

As a homeowner, it's important to have a basic understanding on how to safely clean your switches and power points.

Knowing what cleaning materials to use and how to apply them will help prevent damage to these important surfaces.

Here are some cleaning tips and product options to consider.

Clipsal Iconic flush switch vertical mount installed on a wall
Clipsal Iconic double power point with horizontal mount installed on a bathroom wall
Modern Clipsal Iconic 1-gang flush switch mounted vertically on a wall
A hand holding a Clipsal Iconic styl vertical/horizontal switch with 3 gangs, providing controls for lighting or other electrical devices
Clipsal Iconic Essence switch in arctic white supporting 3 gangs with pictograms
Man with a basket of clothes heading towards the laundry room
Happy couple in their Clipsal product laden kitchen.

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Clipsal Iconic 2 gang power point in kitchen.
Clipsal Iconic Essence Anthracite in stylish kitchen..