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Trusted by Australians since 1920

Clipsal by Schneider Electric has been helping to make Australian homes safer for last 100 years. We were one of the pioneers of the Residual Current Device (or more commonly known as ''Safety Switch") into Australian market.

The Clipsal Resi MAX™ and MAX9™ ranges help to provide circuit protection solution depending on type of project. MAX9 range helps to provide the ultimate solution that elevates efficiency, safety and professionalism of residential switchboard to the next level. On the other hand,  Resi MAX range helps to provide a simple, convenient and reliable solution for everyday circuit protection needs. 

Clipsal MAX9™

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MAX9 Clipsal Busbar

The ultimate in circuit protection

Clipsal’s ground-breaking MAX9 system brings unparalleled installation speed and performance to you – and your customers, so you can deliver your best switchboard installation on every job, every time. MAX9 also introduces MAXBAR, the busbar that delivers it all, with an installation speed that’s up to 15 times faster than using cables for feeding RCBOs. MAX9 comes future-ready, with all RCDs and RCBOs in the range being type A. When you work with MAX9, you’ll be leading the way in safety and innovation with Arc Fault Detection Device technology, or AFDD. MAX9 also delivers best-in-class performance with its 100A rated system, products designed to withstand tough Aussie conditions, and breakers built to last.

MAXBAR - One bar delivers it all

MAX9 range brings in unparalleled installation speed with MAXBAR - the next generation of busbar. MAXBAR helps to achieve installation speed of up to 15 times faster than using cables for feeding the RCBOs. It also helps to provide you complete installation flexibility as a MAXBAR can connect the main switch directly to any type of  Clipsal RCBO - SLIM, 2 module, 3 Phase and even AFDD. 

Others see electricians as tradies only, we see them as a professional artists when it comes to switchboard installation. Therefore, we understand the importance of a professional finish inside a switchboard - it separates the experts from the cowboys. MAXBAR helps to achieve a perfectly clean installation inside a switchboard as no cables are needed for feeding RCBOs.

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Combines MCB & RCD functions in 1 device. Complete solution with SLIM & 4 pole variants, 10mA/30mA earth leakage sensitivity with Type A & A-SI versions.


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Surge Protection devices (SPD)

Homes have about $15K worth of electronic appliances not protected from voltage surges. MAX9™ SPDs help to protect single & three phase installations from transient overvoltage.


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Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)

An AFDD is a circuit breaker that automatically cuts the electricity supply when it detects an arc fault in a circuit. By cutting the electricity supply, AFDD’s help prevent arc faults from reaching temperatures where electrical fires can break out.

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Main Switch

We have a MAX9 main switch range. Three main switches will cover all your residential needs.


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Energy Management by Wiser™

Make smarter energy choices at home with Energy Management by Wiser™. Monitor your home electrical circuits 24/7, make the most of your solar power system and take control of your electricity bill.

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Clipsal ResiMAX™

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Everyday essential needs for residential circuit protection.

The Clipsal Resi MAX™ range offers a variety of consumer switchboards, meter boxes, SLIM RCBOs, miniature circuit breakers (MCB), Surge protection device (SPD), safety switches (RCD), comb busbars and accessories. SLIM RCBOs and MCBs have short circuit breaking capacity rating of  4.5kA, it achieves a 6kA rating when combined with the HRC service fuse of up to 100A rating.