Don’t Risk It

Small price. Big Risk. Do the products you use comply?

Within the electrical industry there is an increasing concern regarding the number of electrical products being sold that don’t comply with Australian Standards. These products, whilst appearing genuine, are often made from inferior materials with little regard for meeting stated ratings or safety requirements.

Why is this a problem?

Because it places everyone at risk! Products that don’t comply with Australian Standards mean they are potentially electrically unsafe and are more susceptible to causing harm to people and property.

Inferior products also create significant potential problems for electrical contractors, wholesalers and the industry as well.

If you are an electrical contractor or wholesaler who buys or installs electrical products that don’t meet the Australian Standards, you will be placing yourself at risk. Your livelihood and your business could face potential fines, civil and criminal action. Your profits and hard earned reputation are also in danger.

Most importantly, you place other people’s lives and property at serious risk. So remember to ask yourself whether it’s worth the risk.

If you choose to buy products online consider the following:

  • Always buy from trusted on-line stores.
  • It’s harder to determine the legitimacy of products and distributors on-line.
  • It’s safest to purchase from the same, trusted wholesalers that you buy from in-store.
  • If you buy from an overseas distributor/website, you will be legally recognised as the distributor of the product in Australia, and will be liable should a product fail or cause harm.
  • Check your products bought on-line carefully to determine their validity as genuine Clipsal products.
  • Look for branded packaging, instructions, warranty statements and the correct Certification markings.

Whether you buy on-line or in person, don’t risk it – buy from a trusted wholesaler.

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