What visualization types exist in C-Bus Automation Controllers


12 September 2022

Levels - Levels are folders that are used to group related Plans.
You can apply a security pin code for any child levels or plans contained within that level
You cannot visualize a level

Plans - Plans are a visualization page, which can contain graphics, text and control elements (including Widgets).
Your plan will need to contain controllable elements before it can be visualized.

Layouts - Layouts are templates that can be reused for one or more plans. 
Typically, a layout contains common elements for the plans, such as menu buttons or time and date.
You can apply a layout to a plan.
You cannot visualize a layout - you can visualize a plan containing a layout.

Widgets - Widgets are a small visualization page which can pop-up on top of the plan when a button is clicked or tapped.
Widgets allow you to create custom control elements.

Note: It is mandatory to have minimum 1 level and 1 plan to enable visualization.