Twisted Pair

Network Connectivity Fundamentals Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance


The Network Connectivity Fundamentals – Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance Testing Course provides the necessary understanding of the requirements for infield testing of high performance twisted pair telecommunication cabling (Cat and above) to meet Standards, customer and certification requirements. The course provides an easy to understand format at the field staff installing and testing Twisted Pair installations.

Formal training time…1 day theory/practical.

Primarily for…Communication cabling contractors, Installers, Testing Staff, those who are responsible for establishing compliance to standards and specifications.

You need to have…Experience in the installation of twisted pair communication cabling and termination.

Objectives and Content

The objective of this course is to provide a clear understanding of changes to the industry standards along with the correct testing of twisted pair installations; quickly address faults; and understand new test methods and requirements

The Network Connectivity Fundamentals – Twisted Pair Standards and Conformance Testing Course will cover the following content:

-  Standards updates on the implementation of AS/NZS11801.x which replaces AS/NZS3080 – what’s changed

-  Conformance assessment requirements – what’s needed

-  Tests required, cause of faults and fault rectification methods – how to fix it

-  Cable types and selection criteria – what needs to be installed

-  Minimum requirements for common applications – what cable is needed for an application

-  Risk Minimisation – what are the risks

   -  Fit for purpose obligation (S009)
   -  Personal
   -  Organisational

-  Emerging technologies – what’s new that maybe asked for

   -  Modular plug terminated links
   -  DC Resistance un-balanced
   -  Disconnect underload
   -  Service consolidation points (SCP)

-  Methods to address Alien Crosstalk without testing – meet the requirement without the work

-  Tester setup and practical – check that you know how

After successful completion of this training course, you have been recognised to have required skills to carry out testing and resolve issues to establish installation conformance for twisted pair installations.

A Certificate of Attendance will be award for successful candidates.

The successful completion of this course is a prerequisite to obtaining EcoExpert Qualifications.

Available course dates

1 Date
Course begins 04 July 2023
Course ends 18 July 2023
dates of each session 4 July 2023, 11 July 2023, and 18 July 2023
4PM - 6PM (AEST)
2 Date
Course begins 31 August 2023
Course ends 14 September 2023
dates of each session 31 August 2023, 7 September 2023, and 14 September 2023
4PM - 6PM (AEST)
3 Date
Course begins 21 November 2023
Course ends 05 December 2023
dates of each session 21 November 2023, 28 November 2023, and 5 December 2023
4PM - 6PM (AEDT)