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Up your home’s street appeal on a budget

If you’re selling your property or going to renovate, don’t forget to include your home exterior in those design plans. Time to take stock of how your home’s presence stands out on your street! You don’t have to spend big to up your home’s street appeal either – here’s our hacks:

House at night

A Walkway To Remember

A beautiful way to create ambience in the evenings (and double as a safety feature) is to light your walkway/pathway.

Outdoor lights not only illuminate your home; they can deter intruders and ensure you never struggle to navigate the dark between your car and your front door.

Our range of outdoor lights include sensors, sunset switches and timers, which are easy to customise to your routine and are energy-efficient.

House at night

Lawn & Order

Landscaping is at the top of our ‘to-dos’. Creating a beautiful street-side view can be super cheap and simple too!

  • Mow and trim that lawn regularly
  • Kill the weeds (simply pour boiling water on them – it will kill them instantly)
  • Create a simple garden with perennial plants (lavender, sage, daisies and other natives) as they will come back every year without you having to replant, saving you time and money. Native Australian plants also require less water and maintenance, another time and money saver.
House at night

You’ve Got Mail

Give your house character with a decorative or custom-made mailbox. You can order one online or even make it yourself (hint: remember to add a lock).

You could even vamp up your old mailbox by painting it (potentially the same colour as your freshly painted front door) and add a decorative number.

House at night

Paint The House Red (even literally if you want to!)

With a simple lick of fresh paint, your home can go from a neglected brown-brick circa 1970 to a modern haven in a matter of hours.

To save money, you can even do it yourself. You just need to hire a spray gun, and ensure you clean the bricks and cover the windows (no one needs paint seeping inside!). You can do the same on any fencing, brick or wood you’re wanting to update.

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