Clipsal Smoke Alarms

Clipsal Smoke Alarms

Helping to protect Australians

Smoke Alarms Help Save Lives

Homes can burn to the ground in less than 15 minutes. 

Early warning alarms like interconnected photoelectric smoke alarms can give you and your family the best chance of escape.

All Clipsal smoke alarms are of the highest quality, meeting all relevant Australian Standards.

Clipsal Fire Tek® alarms are audited and tested annually to carry the 5 Ticks mark of quality assurance from SAI Global.

Photoelectric Alarms

A smoldering fire is the most common and high-risk fire in the home. Clipsal Fire Tek® Photoelectric smoke alarms reliably detect smoke from smoldering fires, before it becomes potentially impossible to escape.

'Clipsal mains powered smoke detector

Interconnected Smoke Alarms

The Clipsal Fire Tek® smoke alarm can be interconnected wired or wirelessly. This means if one alarm detects smoke, all alarms activate - giving greater warning in larger homes or bedrooms.

Wiser Smoke Alarms

Wiser Smart Smoke Alarm

Interconnecting with existing wireless Fire Tek® smoke alarms, the Wiser Smart Smoke alarm comes in two varieties; either as battery powered or a 240V hardwired unit. It also comes in two shapes - round or square - and an be used separately or as part of the Wiser smart home system.

The Wiser by SE app provides push notification alerts if smoke is detected as well as an optional test reminder alert and battery status indicator.

Automations can also be programmed in the Wiser by SE app to trigger lights to come on or flash for faster warning if smoke is detected. 

Smoke alarm maintenance is important

Smoke alarms are an important safety device in the home designed to give early warning of a fire, so residents have enough time to escape safely.

It’s very important to ensure smoke alarms are always working properly. Like other electrical accessories in the home, smoke alarms require maintenance to ensure efficient and effective operation.

Proper maintenance can also reduce the likelihood of any false alarms.

How to maintain your smoke alarm

Every Month

Test your smoke alarm using the test/hush button and check the batteries with mains power switched off. Clean the alarm by removing dust and insects.

Every three months

Vacuum your smoke alarm. Spray insect repellent on a cloth and wipe the ceiling around the smoke alarm. Test the smoke alarm after cleaning.

Every Year

Replace the back-up battery annually. Choose a recurring date that’s easy to remember (birthdays, end/start of daylight saving).

Every 10 Years

All smoke alarms have a limited service life of 10 years. After that period, the entire smoke alarm unit must be replaced with a new one.