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Create a great Retail Experience with...

...Clipsal and Schneider Electric

Whether you run a fast food chain, convenience store, supermarket or retail store, it is important to ensure that you are delivering an exceptional retail experience with Clipsal and Schneider Electric. We have a range of connected products, software and mobile applications suitable for every retail application to ensure business continuity, operational efficiency and an excellent customer experience whilst meeting your energy and sustainability targets.

Switches & Sockets for a seamless and functional

Retail Design

intelligent lighting control

Customisable electrical accessories to fit your brand story

With the new Clipsal Iconic switches, you can ensure that your store is fitted with style without sacrificing the safety and durability. From Clipsal Iconic to the Styl serise, we have got an extensive range for you to choose from.

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Lighting Solutions and Management Control...

to ensure operational efficiency

Solutions to bring your retail spaces to life...

Tag all your electrical assets with PowerTag

Our smallest, wireless energy sensor

Clipsal Retail Solutions

Keep on top of ALL your energy consumption

Tag all your store lights, POS machines, cookers and all other eletrical assets to accurately monitor your energy consumption in your retail store. Through EcoStruxure Facility Expert➚, you can benchmark your sites and better control your energy consumption and reduce electricity costs.

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Financial performance and productivity

Meet HACCP Food Safety requirements

We will keep an eye on your refrigeration and coolroom to ensure that they are cool, and stay cool. PowerTag A will send you real-time temperature updates and alerts when the temperature is falling out of range via EcoStruxure Facility Expert Small Business➚ so you can ensure that your store is HACCP compliant.

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Be the one in control of your store’s

Heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, fire safety, security & CO2 emissions

Ensure the store environment is “just right” for customers

Monitor, maintain and control your store’s comfort and safety with our Building Management System (BMS)➚. With BMS, you can oversee large energy consuming systems including heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, fire and security systems. Not only that, it can control the operation of various HVAC elements based on the information received from the room sensors including temperature levels, relative humidity, carbon dioxide levels, system pressure and occupancy.

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Control and monitor your store temperature and CO2 emissions

Your store's ambient temperature plays an important role when creating a great customer experience. SE8000 will not only ensure that your Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning system (HVAC) and CO2 emissions are under control, but it will also ensure that you are optimising comfort through energy efficiency, ensuring that you are maximising your return of investment.

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Secure your Data and Reduce Downtime…

…with our Uninterrupted Power Supply, Micro Data Centre and IT solutions.

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Be the Store of the Future

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor

EcoStruxure Resource Advisor can aggregate all your store’s raw resource data including electricity usage, water, gas, steam, and waste production into actionable insights to help meet your energy and sustainability goals. We have helped more than 4,500 customers in over 300,000 sites➚ from all around the world connect to Resource Advisor to improve efficiency and reach sustainability targets.

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Make your Energy and Sustainability goals a reality

We have successfully helped a number of small and large retail stores to reach their energy and sustainability goals across the world. With our network of Energy Consultants, we can help reach your goals too.

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Clipsal Retail Solutions

Electric Vehicle Chargers to drive future sustainability

Provide your customers with a peace of mind by installing EV Link  outside your retail store. As the EV market continues to grow, you can ensure that this will be a key investment that is not limited to driving traffic to your store, but will lead the talk on sustainability.

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Solar Panels with sun setting behind buildings in the background

Keep stores running when the electrical network goes down

Network outages can critically impact retail stores - missed opportunity for sales, decreased foot trafficking, poor customer experience. With Microgrids, you can futureproof your store and ensure that it is always on. And with the help of EcoStruxure Microgrid Advisor➚, you can even control on-site energy resources and loads to optimise your retail store's performance.

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Need help with the installation?

We have a network of EcoXperts who are here to help

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Learn more about EcoStruxure for Retail

Visit our Schneider Electric EcoStruxure for Retail website to learn more about the different product, offers and solutions across all our retail chains including supermarkets, fast food chains and specialty retail.

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