sock appl inlet 1g 63a 500v 5r

Metal Clad Socket Appliance Inlet 1 Gang, 63A, 500V, 5 Round Sockets

Catalogue Number: WMB563R
sock appl inlet 1g 63a 500v 5r
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
  • Wilco
  • Series A
    • Product brand
      [In] rated current
      63 A
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      500 V 50/60 Hz conforming to EN 60309-2
      Voltage colour
      cast aluminium
      EU RoHS Directive
      Circularity Profile

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is the part number of the appliance connector to suit WMB563R?

      The part number of the appliance connector to suit WMB563R is WMP563R.

      Can you get the internal part for a WMB563?

      Yes, you can purchase the internals for a WMB563. The part number is SP-116490.

      For further information please view the attached document or visit

      What is part number for extension socket to suit WMB563?

      Unfortunately, there is no extension socket available for  part number WMB563

      For more information on this part please refer to

      User-added image

      What is the part number for a plug for the WMB563?

      The part number for a plug for the WMB563 is - WMP563 or 66P563
      For further information , visit link below:-
      User-added image
      User-added image

      What is the part no for plug interior of a WMP563?

      The part name is SP-116567

      What plug fits the WMB463?

      The straight plugs that fit in a WMB463 are the 66P463 for the plastic and WMP463 for the aluminium.

      For further information please visit

      What is the internal part number for a WMB563 Socket Outlet, 1 Gang, Wilco A Series, 5 Pin, 63A, 500V, Size 3?

      The internal part number for a WMB563  is a - SP-116490
      For more information, please refer to the link:​


      What is the part number for the socket interior for a WMC563?

      The part number for the socket interior for a WMC563 is SP-116086.

      What is the Socket Interior for a WMB563 5 pin 63A outlet?

      The Socket Interior for a WMB563 5 pin 63A outlet is a SP-116490.

      What is the part number for the replacement switch assembly for the WMC563?

      The part number for the replacement switch assembly for the WMC563 is - SP-116165

      For further information ,visit link below:-

      What is part number for a plug to suit WMB532R?

      Plug to suit WMB532R is a 56CSC532

      For more information on this part please refer to

      User-added image

      What is the anterior socket for the WMC563?

      The part number is SP-116086.As per the spare parts guide.

      Part number for internal socket for a wilco WMC563?

      The part number is SP-116086.

      What is the part name for a 5 pin, 63a extension socket?

      The part name is as follows: WMP563R.

      Can the interior socket of the WMCDIN563 be replaced with the 4 pin interior socket form the WMB463?

      Yes the SP-116489 should be able to replace the 5 pin socket interior for the WMCDIN563.

      What is the Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet?

      The Socket Interior for a WMB532 5 pin 32A outlet is a SP-116481.

      I want a 56series 5 pin 63A socket

      This is available in Wilco only WMC563

      Does Clipsal have a socket outlet and appliance inlet in 5 pin, 63 amps?

      Yes, we have them in the Wilco range and the part numbers are WMB563 and WMB563R.

      For more information, please refer to the link: 

      Will a 66P563 plug fit in a Wilco WMC563 outlet?

      Yes, a 66P563 plug will fit in a Wilco WMC563 outlet.

      For further information please view the attached document or visit

      Is there a replacement socket for WMC563?

      Yes. You can get just a socket outlet as a replacement from the spare part section.
      Part number is SP-116086.

      Is the Wilco WMC563 and WMC432 still available in NZ?

      Yes, as of May 2014 they both are able to be supplied, but they are both indent.

      What is the part for the internal plug section for the WMP463?

      The part for the internal plug section for the WMP463 is - SP-116568

      For further information , visit link below:-

      What is the interior socket for a WMC463?

      You would use the SP-116085.

      For further information please visit

      What is the part number for the wilco plug to suit a WMB520?

      The part number for the plug to suit a WMB520 is a WIP520B.

      Some of the key features are:
      • Multi phase
      • 5 Round pins
      For further information please visit


      What is the entry point diameter for the WMC463.

      The entry point diameter is 32mm.
      The wmc463 is a metal clad 63 amp switch combination used in high impact areas.
      Please see below link for entire range and more information. Under the documentation tab.

      What is the part number for a metal 50A 5 Pin Inlet and plug to suit?

      The part number for a 50A 5 pin Apliance inlet is WMB550R. and the Plug/ Socket is WMP550R.

      What's the length of remote display cable that comes with PM5563RD or PM5RD?

      A user may want to know the length of the display cable provided with the PM5563RD meter or PM5RD remote display kit

      Product Line
      PM5000 series meters


      The PM5563 (complete part number METSEPM5563RD), is provided with a display cable 3 meters long.
      The same 3 meters cable is provided  with the PM5000 remote display kit (complete part number for that kit is METSEPM5RD)

      The part number for the 3 meter display cable is METSEPM5CAB3.

      Other display cable lengths are available:
      METSEPM5CAB03 - 0.3m Length Cable Kit
      METSEPM5CAB1   - 1m Length Cable Kit
      METSEPM5CAB10 - 10m Length Cable Kit

      Do ION or Powerlogic meters support EtherNet/IP?

      Product Line

      Communication Protocols

      The PM5500 supports EtherNet/IP as of Firmware version 2.5.2.

      *Note: EtherNet/IP is a derivitive of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) and should not be confused with the TCP/IP protocol suite. 

      Firmware issue in V2.2.2 of PM5560 and PM5563

      There is an issue with PM5500 firmware version V2.2.2.

      Product Line 

      V2.2.2 is withdrawn from the global websites (Shopping Kiosk) due to a firmware defect. We recommend customers to upgrade their firmware to the latest version. 
      Use the following link for instructions on how to perform a firmware upgrade for the PM5500: index?page=content&id=FA299853

      How much internal meter memory is available for data logs on the PM5300 & PM5500 models?

      Would like to know the internal meter memory capacity available for data logs of the PowerLogic PM5300 & PM5500 models.

      Product Line



      The memory capacity of data logging available for PowerLogic PM53x0 & PM55xx models is 256 kB & 1.1 MB respectively.

      Note: These meters use a single data log and have a separate alarm logs which holds up to 40 entries at a time.

      PowerLogic PM5000 Series (PM5100, PM5300, PM5500) Modbus Register List

      Register list for modbus communication
      Product Line
      PM5110, PM5330, PM5340, PM5560, and PM5563
      Power Meter Communications Modbus Register List
      PM5000 series register list is needed for modbus communication
      See the attached documents for Register List.

      Refer to Article FA234023 for PM5000 Series meter Installation and User Guides.

      Refer to Article FA234024 for Technical DataSheet, Brochure and Part number breakdowns.

      PM5000 Default IP Address and the Login User Name and Password

      Default IP address and login information unknown to login to the webpage and FTP server of PM5000 series meter

      Product Line
      PM5000 Series

      Web server

      The default IP address is
      The default Subnet Mask is

      Default login accounts: 
               - The meter has a set of default login credentials to access the webpages and ftp server. 

      The following login credentials are configured by default: 

      NOTE: More information on User Groups can be obtained from FA291653

      Does the PM5500 store the date and time of a Min/Max occurrence?

      The PowerLogic PM5500 series User Manual states that the "the meter updates and saves these min/max (minimum and maximum) quantities with date and time of occurrence in non-volatile memory." However, the date and time information is not available on the meter's front display nor in the Modbus register list.

      Product Line
      PM5500 series

      PM5500 front display
      Modbus communications

      The PM5500 series does not store the date and time of a Min/Max occurrence. The device only stores the min/max quantities.

      The current PowerLogic PM5500 series User Manual (Document number: HRB1684301-04) contains a misprint. This is set to be corrected in the document's next release.

      How to calculate the onboard data log capacity in the PM5500 series meter

      Customer would like an estimate on how many days/months worth of data the PM5500 will retain given the logged parameters and frequency.

      Product Line:
      PM5560 (METSEPM5560)
      PM5563 (METSEPM5563)

      Onboard logging

      The maximum number of values PM556X can record is 14 parameters. The attached spreadsheet will automatically calculate the number of days the meter will log, based on the parameters and the frequency of logging. Select the parameters (individual dropdown menus) in the spreadsheet you would like to log on the meter. 

      NOTE: The meters can be configured to Hold and Fill or Circular memory. If the meter is set to Circular memory, then the data log will begin over writing the oldest data entries and recording new values once the data log reaches maximum capacity. Hold and Fill will not over write any entries and will stop recording data once the data log is full.

      See the attached spreadsheet for memory calculation.

      PM5500 Energy (kWH) values are no longer being logged in Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2

      Data from the Energy/Demand log (onboard the PM5500) stop logging in PME. However, the current and voltage data are populated.

      Product Line
      PM5500 series (PM5560, PM5563)

      Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.2

      By default, the PM5500 only logs the energy and demand quantities onboard the device. The PME device driver itself enables the logging of the current and voltage data (PC based logging).

      This issue is corrected by applying the following:
      1. Upgrade the device to the latest firmware. The latest firmware and upgrade procedure are available in FA299853.
      2. Update the device driver on the Power Monitoring Expert server: PM5500 Series SE Driver for PME 7.2.2.
      3. Apply PME 7.2.2 Cumulative Update 2 to the Power Monitoring Expert server. PME 7.2.2 CU2 is available in FA240221.
      Another option is to upgrade PME to the latest version (PME 8.2) instead of performing steps 2 and 3 above. This will require a new license. 

      What is the difference between different models of the PM5500 series meter?

      Need to know the difference between the three different models of the PM5500 series.

      Product Line 

      Product Selection 

      The PM5500 models have different display and mounting options. 
      Reference Number System Recognized Part Number Display/Mounting Type
      PM5560 METSEPM5560 Integrated Display + Panel Mount
      PM5563 METSEPM5563 No Display + DIN Rail Mount
      PM5563RD METSEPM5563RD Remote Display + DIN Rail Mount

      Refer to the following KB for PM5500 series documentation: index?page=content&id=FA234023

      PM55xx series firmware Version 2.5.2 and release notes

      Looking for new firmware upgrade

      Product Line
      PM5500 series meter

      Firmware upgrade
      Need to upgrade PM5500 series meter to the latest firmware version

      Release notes: PM55xx firmware upgrade to address new and updated features.

      Updates: This version implements EtherNet/IP, the name given to the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), as implemented over standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 and the TCP/IP protocol suite). EtherNet/IP is enabled by default in firmware v2.5.2.

      Note: This firmware update is intended for PowerLogic PM5560 and PM5563 meters
      Please see the following link for more information regarding the PM5560 / PM5563 V2.5.2 Release

      Cannot change the IP address of PM5000 meter with Ethernet

      Unable to change the IP address on PM5000 meter with Ethernet, or communications are lost after changing the IP address.

      Product Line

      Energy meters
      Power meters

      After configuring the IP address and verifying it was saved, the IP address displayed is not what was entered previously. This issue may also appear after experiencing a communication loss.

      *Warning:  Installation and maintenance of this device should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. Failure to follow the instructions / warnings in the Meter Installation Guide can result in permanent damage to the meter, severe injury or death.

      Some PM5000 meters were shipped with a firmware that does not cycle the power after saving the IP address. After configuring the desired IP address, save the configuration changes by exiting the Ethernet information screen and then manually power cycle the meter. The meter will not display the correct IP address until it has completed a reboot cycle. 

      Note: After applying the IP address, do not go back to verify the changes. Instead, immediately power cycle the device and then verify that the configuration held.

      Schneider Electric released firmware to update the functionality of this device. Instructions and link to download Firmware for this device is available at FA299853.

      Are the PM5000's registers saved as most significant or least significant register?

      Are the PM5000's registers saved as most significant or least significant register?

      Product Line
      PM5000 series meters (PM5100, PM5300, PM5500)

      Modbus register reading program

      When reading Modbus registers for a PM5000-series meter, the Modbus register read program may require that the data type be specified as Most or Least Significant Register for 32-bit or 64-bit registers.
      For 16-bit registers, this may change to Most Significant or Least Significant Bit. The customer may also ask if the registers are big endian or little endian.

      PM5000 meters store data in the Most Significant Register format (Big Endian).
      This means that the largest number gets stored in the smallest address. 

      Say that a number (123,456,789) is stored across three addresses (101, 102, 103).
      If this data is stored as big endian (most significant bit/register), the largest number will get stored in the smallest address.

      Big Endian (Most Significant Bit/Register)









      If this data as stored as little endian (least significant bit/register), the largest number will get stored in the largest address.

      Little Endian (Least Significant Bit/Register) 









      Video: PowerLogic PM5500 - Upgrade Procedure for Firmware using FTP

      Product Line

      Firmware Upgrade

      *Warning: The firmware utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.*

      *Warning: Devices should be disconnected from all monitoring software before performing a firmware upgrade*

      NOTE: If the firmware version is earlier than Firmware V1.01.00 then download V1.01.00 and see FA237920 for a walk through on upgrading using DLF-3000.   

      If the meter is not already at Firmware V2.3.0, download V2.3.0 and follow the steps or video below to upgrade to Firmware V2.3.0 and then download the latest firmware version, Firmware V2.5.3, and repeat those steps.
      NOTE: This procedure explains how to upgrade the firmware using the meter's FTP server. 
      1. Start by power cycling the meter.
      2. Open Windows Explorer and connect to the meter by entering ftp:\\XX.XX.XX.XX and replace "X"with IP Address of the meter to be upgrade.
        • It may be necessary to hold the Alt key down and click "VIEW" "Open site in File Explorer" if you opened FTP in Internet Explorer.
      3. Enter a Product Master username and password when prompted (the default username and password are user2 and pass2). There should be a www and fw folder displayed. 
      4. Copy the PM5500StartUpgrade.shtml file into the www folder. 
      5. Copy the App2.out and PM556x_vX.Y.Z.fwa files into the fw folder. 
      NOTE: If a file with the same name already exists on the meter, there will be a prompt to confirm whether or not to replace that file. Click Yes (to replace that one file) or Yes to All (to replace all files).
      NOTE: If there are custom files such as web pages added to the meter's FTP server, there may not be enough memory on the meter's Ethernet communications card to paste the files which will result in an error. If so, these files will need to be temporarily removed from the meter before proceeding. Once upgraded, they can be copied back. 
      1. Exit Windows Explorer after the file copying is complete.
      2. Open a browser and enter https://XX.XX.XX.XX/PM5500StartUpgrade.shtml and replace "X"with IP Address of the meter to be upgrade to trigger the upgrade.  
      3. Enter the login credentials when prompted to begin the upgrade process. 
      NOTE: It might take a minute or two while the meter's Ethernet communications card is reset and the upgrade initialized. A firmware upgrade status page will be displayed which shows the information about the upgrade process.
      NOTE: If the status page indicates that one of the upgrade processes failed, restart the upgrade process from Step 1.

      NOTE: When using the meter's webpage after completing the firmware upgrade some tabs may not load. Clear the web browser's cache and reload the page to fix broken tabs.

      Procedure to send commands over Modbus to PM5000 using Modbus Tester

      Customer wants to send a command to a PM5000 to perform remote configuration or a meter reset.

      Product Line:
      PM5100 (PM5110)
      PM5300 (PM5330, PM5340)
      PM5500 (PM5560, PM5563)

      Remote meter configuration / resets

      *Warning: The command procedure listed here can cause undesirable results to your product if applied incorrectly. Before sending any commands, verify all commands and parameters are correct. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.*

      The following instructions use Modbus Tester to read and write the commands. Other Modbus polling software's can also be used. 

      Step 1: Identify the Command Number and necessary Parameters
      1. Open the Modbus Register List
      2. Navigate to the Commands tab and locate the desired command
      3. Write down the Command Number and the Parameters
      In this example, the user wants to send the Reset All Energies command to the PM5560. As shown in Table 1, the Reset All Energies command number is 2020. This command also has 1 parameter, the command semaphore. This information will be necessary in Step 3.
      Table 1: Modbus Register List Excerpt
      Command Name Command Number Command Tag Parameters
      Reset All Energies 2020 C_RESET_ALL_ENERGIES (1) Command Semaphore

      Step 2: Get the Semaphore
      1. In Modbus Tester, set the Data Type to "Holding Register (R03 / W16)".
      2. The Command Semaphore is stored in Modbus register 5680. Therefore, set the Starting Register to 5680.
      3. Set # or Registers to be 1.
      4. Then Click on Read once. 
      Note: During this time no other communication with the meter should run in the background. Otherwise it may cause in error.
      Note: Only perform the reading operation once. Doing more than once will cause in error. If by mistake the operation is performed more than one time then it is advised to try to do the operation again after 4 min. 

      1. Write down the Semaphore value

      Step 3: Sending the Command
      1. In Modbus Tester, set the Starting Register to 5000 and the # of Registers to 2.
      Note: If the command requires more than 2 parameters, increase the # of Registers accordingly. Modbus Tester only allows a maximum of 10 registers. If there are greater than 10 parameters for the given command, then a different Modbus polling software that is capable of writing more than 10 registers must be used.
      1. Set register 5000 to the Command value
      2. Set register 5001 to the Semaphore value
      3. Set registers 5002 - 5124 to the parameter values, if used
      For this example, recall that Reset All Energies has a Command value of 2020.
      Register 5000 = 2020
      Register 5001 = 62283
      Registers 5002 - 5124 = not used for this command
      1. Then Click "Write"

      Additional Information:

      What commands are available?
      A full list of the commands that can be sent to the PM5000 are detailed in the Modbus Register List under the Commands tab.
      The table below lists several of the most common commands:
      Warm Start Reset
      Set Date/Time
      Reset Cycle Count
      Reset All Min/Max
      Reset All Demands
      Reset Power Demand
      Reset All Peak Demands
      Reset Power Peak Demands
      Reset Input Metering Peak Demand
      Reset All Energies
      Reset All Accumulated Energies
      Reset Input Metering Accumulations
      Meter Initialization
      Acknowledge Alarms
      Disable Alarms
      Clear Data Log
      Reset Diagnostic Log

      What is a Semaphore and what is its purpose?
      The semaphore is a number that is used to control write access to the PM5000. The semaphore can only be read once in a 4 min by a single master. Therefore, it is the only master that can send a command within the 4 min period. This process guarantees that the PM5000 is only receiving a command from one device at a time.

      NOTE: The semaphore value which is received is valid for 4 minutes when not used, that is 4 minutes from the previous semaphore write.
      For example: if the received semaphore value is used at the 3rd minute 30th second from when the value is received, then the same semaphore is valid for next 4 minutes.
      You may use the semaphore value multiple times within that 4 minute window.
      You will need to read the command semaphore again after 4 minutes from the previous read has elapsed in order to get the new number.