switch surface 3p 200a

Main Switch, 3 Pole, 200A, Panel Mount, Back Wiring

Catalogue Number: T200
switch surface 3p 200a
Colour: Black
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Black 1 PCE
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Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Switch function
Number of poles
Mounting support
Local signalling
Rated current
200 A
without marking
EU RoHS Directive
Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed
The product must be disposed on European Union markets following specific waste collection and never end up in rubbish bins

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Whats are the dimensions of the T200, T200FA, T200F, T200X, T200L, T200S

 210 x 158 x 112mm (L x D x W) 

Are replacement covers available fot T200 triple pole panel mount switch rated to 200A?

T200X was the part number of the replacement cover to suit T200. T200X is now discontinued and there is no alternate for T200X.
For further information on T200 please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=T200
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What is the maximum size of the CoreDB in Easergy T300? What is the maximum number of variables that the T300 can handle?

  • HU250 module includes 1GBit SDRAM memory and each SC150 has 4Mo.
  • The limit of the T300 system comes from the capacity to connect devices (24 SC150 max) upon which the communication could get saturated.
  • However, there are no specific limits concerning the number of variables.

How to save the active configuration in one of the 3 backup slots of the Webserver? Is all configuration data saved?

  • Yes, all data can be saved in one of the 3 backup memory slots of the HU250 memory.
  • The T300 configuration uploaded into the product or saved externally is a compressed tar.gz filetype. This file contains the complete equipment configuration, including SC150 settings and  system parameters (IP address, modem parameters, etc.). But it excludes SC150 IP addresses, user parameters and RBAC access rights which are stored into the rights management tool (SAT).
  • Please see the attached file for an excerpt from the T300 user manual for details. 

What are the minimum currents to detect a fault?

Example for Over-current (DT curves) :
  • Minimum threshold for detecting phase-to-phase faults: 0.02 In-4 In 
  • Minimum threshold for detecting zero sequence Faults : 0.008 In-1.6 In

How many SCADA clients can be connected to an Easergy T300 using IEC 104 protocol?

  • There is a limitation of 8 redundant connections to create multiple SCADA channels using the IEC104 protocol. Create 1 channel per client.
  • Make sure to fill-in the Remote IP@ list field. It shall be different for every channel
  • Please refer to attached file   

Where can I find B200 series IO specifications and wiring diagrams?

Please see attached file.

What cable sizes can the T100 accomodate?

T100 terminals accommodate from 10mm² min. to 50mm² max. cables.


Does M200 controller support SMS send / receive function

Today M200 controller does not support SMS send / receive feature.
Alternative is to use M221 controller for such applications.


How to connect M200 PLC inside a subnet router?

Refer the attached document.

How to use M200 communication with WEINVIEW TK6050 IP via Modbus RTU

Refer the attached Technote.

How to use M200 to control ATV303 via Modbus RTU?

Refer the attached document
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