S Series Enclosed Main Switches, Ip66, 250V, 20A, 1 Pole, 1 Way

S Series Enclosed Main Switches, Ip66, 250V, 20A, 1 Pole, 1 Way

S Series Enclosed Main Switches, Ip66, 250V, 20A, 1 Pole, 1 Way

Item Number: S120EM

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Package 1 Weight

0.387 kg

Package 1 Height

80 mm

Package 1 width

85 mm

Package 1 Length

170 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the S320EM have an auxiliary

The S320EM does not have an auxiliary, you can use the S432EM

What are the dimensions for WMS340?

The dimensions for WMS340 are - H238mm x W120mm x D122.5mm

For further information , visit link below:-
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What are the dimensions for ABL8REM24050

 Dimensions 54 wide x 120 high x 120mm deep to the din rail face

What is the width of T5 widebody bare battens?

65mm, the doubles are 120mm

Is there a vertical 500 series Shaver socket

PDL 2014 Pocket book - page 73, PDL1575
Universal 110V and 240V, direct replacement for the 63T
Note:Plate dimensions 146 x 90mm (HxW).
Mounting Centres 120mm (Flush box is PDL31) 

What is included in the SR2PACKFU?

What is included in the SR2PACKFU?

Product Line:
Zelio Smart Relays

All Products

Product Features


1 SR2B121FU Zelio logic relay
1 SR2USB01 cable
1 CD containing the latest version of ZelioSoft


What is the correct part number to replace gearbox GBX1200321003F ?

This gearbox is still offered but must be ordered as two separate items.

Schneider Electric no longer includes the adapter kit to mount the motor to the gearbox. The adapter kit is sold separately.

The ordering number for each is as follows.

GBX120032K   =  120mm gearbox at 32:1 ratio

GBK1201003F  =  Adapter kit for mounting 120mm gearbox to BMH1003 or BSH1003 size motors

rev  10-3-18

What size are the cable ports on the NetShelter CX, and how many are there?

Cables need to enter and exit the cabinet. 

Product Line:
NetShelter CX2

All versions and serial ranges.

Knowing the dimension of the cable port allows a person to calculate how many cables can fit through the opening. 


AR4000MV: two ports, 30mm x 95mm at the botton and 26mm x 68mm at the top. 

AR4018A/AR4018IA: one port, 350mm x 120mm at the bottom. 

AR4024A/AR4024IA: one port, 350mm x 120mm at the bottom. 
AR4038A/AR4038IA: two ports, 350mm x 120mm, one at the top and one at the bottom. 

What is the maximum length of cable from HUB to one ATV 58? Is the HUB has some active elements (repeater ICs)inside? If they using all ports to ATV 5...

Goals and Symptoms

What is the maximum length of cable from HUB to one ATV 58? Is the HUB has some active elements (repeater ICs)inside? If they using all ports to ATV 58, then all network cable length can be counted or every node from HUB can be the longest 1200m (400feet)?

Causes and Fixes

There is no active elements inside LU9GC3, it's only a passive PCB. The maximum cable lenght from HUB to ATV is 40 meters but these 40 m are distributed on all ports.

Exemple : for 8 x ATV on the hub, the max lenght by ATV is 5 meters of course if the distribution is homogeneous.

As you said the max lenght for Modbus is 1200 meters, derivation included, in your case if you have only one hub it's 1200 - 40 = 1160 m.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL160818 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: Altivar 58

What is the size of the fascia on the B10/30/5?

The Multi Gang Switch Assemblies (less mechanisms) - Metal Plate Range, 30 Series Rocker Type, Switch Plate 10 Gang, 2 rows of 5 ( B10/30/5) has facia dimensions of
257mm (W) X 120mm (H).
Some of the key features of the  B10/30/5 are:
  • 30 series rocker type
  • B-Style
  • Switch arrangement 5 horizontal and 2 vertical
  • Fascia size: 257 mm Width x 120 mm Height
  • 10 number of switch apertures

For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=B10/30/5


How many speakers can be linked to a Bluetooth aplifier 5600BTSA50?

The amount of speakers that can connect to the amplifier (5600BTSA50) is dependent on the wiring configuration, an whether it is wired in series or parallel. The speakers impedance also needs to be taken into consideration. The bluetooth for this device is used specifically for transmitting between devices (i.e. Phone, laptop) not speakers.

Basic specifications for the Bluetooth Amplifier 5600BTSA50 are:

• Input frequency: 2.4GHz
• Installed in roof space
• Bluetooth compatibility: A2DP Bluetooth enabled devices
• Bluetooth system: Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR/Class 1
• Range: up to 15m
• Audio output: 50W RMS per channel at 8Ohms impedance
• Power requirement: 24V, 3.75 amp, DC input (240V power source required)
• Amplifier type: Class D
• Frequency response: 200Hz – 15KHz
• Magnet: 20oz
• Sensitivity: < 90dB
• Weight: 1.3kg
• Dimensions: 130mm x 120mm x 45mm
• PIN code for secure pairing
• Zone personalising for easy pairing with Bluetooth device
• Green technology: smart power efficient amplifier with auto-sensing

For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=5600btsa50

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