Airflow Cooling Fan Accessories, Clipper Light Fitting Kit

Catalogue Number: CLIPWHT
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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EU RoHS Directive
Will be compliant – Date to be confirmed
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the CLIPWHT fit the 3HS1200AL

The CLIPWHT is suitable for part no 3HS1200AL

Can you use the old Clipper lights on the new fans?

Yes, the Clipper and Oyster lights (OYWHT, OYSS, CLIPWHT & CLIPSS) are compatible with the new fans.

For further information, please visit
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Do you sell the light fitting only to suit your ceiling fans?

Yes, we do sell the lights seperately. There are two types, Clipper lights and Oyster lights, and these are also available in two colour variants, White and Satin Chrome to suit Stainless Steel fans.
The part numbers are  CLIPWHT/ CLIPSS for Clipper lights and  OYWHT / OYSS for Oyster lights.

For further information please visit

Is the Clipsil trunking available black?

Not available in black.

Is there a Clipsal equivalent of PDL648TM?

No, there is no Clipsal alternative available

Is the led clipper light like CLC14 and similar dimmable?

No. Unfortunately they are not dimmable.we do not make a dimmable version.

Can I purchase the cover plates only for Clipsil Saturn Horizon 406x plates?

No, Grid with cover plates available but not cover plates only

Is the Clipsil 2000 range available in brushed aluminium?

No, there are no metal finish surrounds available for this range.


What is the part number for the 30M35 in chrome shadow?

The part number is 30M35-3S, but not anymore available for sale in New-Zealand.

Is there a clipsal slimline vertical double socket available?

The Slimline range is now completely discontinued, But there were no Horizontal socket plates available in that range.

Saturn One touch dimmer ramping up & down, the load is halogen and within rated levels

Check the plates are clipped on correctly then remove the power to reset the switch

What is the dimension of PL125CFC, clip-on data and power outlet front cover?

The dimension of PL125CFC, clip-on data and power outlet front cover is 150mm(W) x 99mm(H). The PL125CFC is available in the below colours:
  • Black
  • Natural Anodised
  • Opal Grey
  • White
For further information, please visit

Can the PDL534P Multi gang switch plates be purchased with Black 600 series mounting clips?

No, but the clips can be purchased separately.
 For example:
 PDL534P8S(8 gang stainless steel mounting plate with white clips)+ 8x PDL533BK (Black mounting clips to replace the white ones.)

Does the OYWHT suit the new fans like 3HS and similar?

Yes it does.
all suit the new fans

What parts are required to make a PCU plate in the Prestige range?

It could be made using the following parts:
P2032VH-WE - 2 gang grid plate
P30M-WE - standard prestige switch mech
P30Z-WE - 30 series adapter clip
38TB-WE - 30 series PCU mech (to go into adapter clip)

What is supplied with the iconic part number 49MLBL?

49MLBL is Iconic - 3 position switch dolly pack labelled SON (Sensor, off, manual) , AOM (Auto, Off On), UOD(Up, Off, Down) in vivid white, clip-in fixing mode.
For further information, please visit

Looking for an un-switched 15A socket for a prison (without removeable cover)

Clipsal 10D15S-WE is a horizontal auto-switched 15A single socket, but we do not list it as available in NZ.
This is the only 15A unswitched option without a clip-on cover plate.

What would be the cover to suit a 3100F100MDFC.

3100C100MDF-TR - However this part has been discontinued. We may still have stock remaining of this part however when these have been sold there is no alternative currently available.

100 pair Frame - accommodates 10 modules and 1 label holder

Fully compatible with leading clip-on style frames

ZB5AA343 - what is the Cap with arrow up not the word UP ?

The  Cap supplied not clipped in - allowing orientation of arrow in 4 directions
Part Code =  ZB5AA334 or 335 in black or white

Can the 815USB1 be used in a 600 series plate?

Yes, you will need to purchase both the PDL815USB1WH module and the 600 series adaptor PDL615MKCWH. The mec can be unclipped from the 800 adaptor and clipped into the 600 series adaptor.

Does the Clipper or Oyster lights have a bainet or eddison screw and does it have one or two lamps?

They are both the same, they have 1 - E27 (Edison screw bulb).

Is there a replacement high bay for the CLIHB400MH?

The replacement series for 400MH High bays are the CLITPHB series. This high bay utilises LED lighting over conventional Metal Halide lighting
to increasen energy efficiency and decrease electricity consumption.

Some of the key features of these high bays are
  • Available in 150W LED Power
  • 5000K colour light output
  • Lumen output: > 18,500lm
  • 120 degrees beam angle
  • IP65 Rated
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Is the Iconic Styl compatible with the standard Iconic range?

Yes the new Styl skins are designed to be clipped onto the Iconic grid plates. Because of this you will have all the functionality and benefits that are available in the Iconic range. Like, smart home products, and installation benefits, locking bars, safety flaps and large inline terminals.

For further information on this range please visit:

the SL2031VXC-WE is no longer available. Can a SC Cover plate be used? what is the part code?

the SC2031VXC-WE will fit on that grid. But the Slimline range is also discontinued.

Can the PDL619MM be used to install a 30 series switch mech into a 600 series plate?

No the PDL619MM is only suitable for use with communications mechs (TV, Data, USB) as the mech will be recessed so it is not suitable for switches, dimmers, fan speed controllers.

What is the 800 series adaptor required to fit a 30USBCM mech into an 800 series plate?

PDL800MAC Is the 30 series adapter mech.
  • PDL800MACWH for white
  • PDL800MACBK for black

Whats lights are suitable for the 1200mm, 3 blade, Aluminium fan 3HS1200AL?

The lights suitable for 3HS1200AL are OYSS, OYWHT, CLIPSS or CLIPWHT.

OYSS - Oyster light, stainless steel
For further information, please visit

OYWHT - Oyster light, white
For further information, please visit
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CLIPSS -  Clipper light, Satin Chrome
For further information, please visit

CLIPWHT - Clipper light, white
For further information, please visit
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What adaptor clip module can I use for a Clipsal mech into a PDL plate?

The adapter mech to allow 30 series mechs to go into a 600 series plate is a PDL619MMWH. It is mainly used for data mechs, but can used for a 30 series switch mech although the switch mech won't sit flush and will sit back from the plate.

Why is my USB RS232 adaptor not connecting to C-bus?

As of 1.12.0 of the toolkit, particular USB serial adaptors stopped working due to the change in the serial library of C-gate.
We recommend a USB to serial adaptor contain either an FTDI or silicon labs chip.
USB to serial adaptors containing the Prolific chipset tend not to work.

This is an example of a USB to serial adaptor that works


5914 USB to Bluetooth Adapter Module OS Compatibility

  • OS compatibility: Windows 2000, Windows XP 32 and 64-bit, Windows Vista 32 and 64-bit

Installing the device on Windows 7

Most Belkin Bluetooth USB adapters install automatically without any extra software on Windows 7.  Simply plug the device into a spare USB Slot.  Windows 7 should automatically recognize the device and install the necessary drivers and software.

If you encounter any issue's with this then you can try installing the latest drivers from the chipset manufacturer -
Or see link below for more details:

Is there a replacement grille for the 6600A?

Yes, the replacement grille for the 6600A is 6600GRILLE.
Some of its key features are:
  • Grilles in durable painted fashion finish
  • Simply un-clip the white grille and clip-on the new fashion grille
  • For 6600 series
  • Metal look
  • Contains 2 heat lamps
For further information please visit

Is there a ceiling mounted battern holder available?

Yes, the part number is 2530.
Batten Holders, Note: The 2530 Series range of batten holders have been redesigned and are replacing 530 and old 2530 Series products, Batten holder BC straight with Clip-on cover.

For further information please see

What is the part number of the End stop for NSYTRV62?

End stop for NSYTRV62 are:
NSYTRAABV35 - NSYTR end stop with screw 9.5 mm for DIN rails 35mm
NSYTRAAB35 - end stop clip-on 5,2 mm for DIN rails 35mm
NSYTRAAB35 Picture

Video: What can be done to reduce electrical noise caused by a Schneider Electric drive?

Reducing Electrical Noise Produced by Variable Frequency Drives

Product Line:
All drives


PWM chipset can produce audible high pitched sound when operating normally

To reduce the noise level, do the following:
- Reduce the switching frequency
- Use shielded cables
- Separate power cables and control cables


What is the part number of Cover for a 6600A?

Yes, we do have a cover that will fit the 6600A. However it only comes in Artic Sliver.

The part number is 6600GRILLE.

Some of the key features are:
  • Simply un-clip the white grille and clip-on the new fashion grille
  • For 6600 series
  • Metal look

For further information please visit

What is the code for a Clipsal skirting socket

Clipsal 17M-WE

What are the dimensions for the TALplus data and power clip on front cover?

The dimensions for the TALplus data and power clip on front cover are 150mm wide. The hieght will vary dependent on the model.
Data & Power outlet Clip-on front cover part number PL35125CFC* PL35150CFC* PL50150CFC* PL50200CFC*
Dimensions 99mm(H) X 150mm(W) 124mm(H) X 150mm(W) 124mm(H) X 150mm(W) 174mm(H) X 150mm(W)

* =Add colour code to complete reference, i.e. PL35125CFCW for white


General Software Security Questionnaire for Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 (PME 9.0)

General Software Security Questionnaire for Power Monitoring Expert 9.0 (PME 9.0)

Product Line
EcoStruxure Power Monitoring Expert 9.0
PME 9.0

Security Questions

Looking for some general software security answers regarding Power Monitoring Expert 9.0.


Ports & Services
  • Which ports and services are enabled by default when the device is shipped?
    • Windows services can be found on pages 1300-1305 in the PME 9.0 System Guide.  Here are the ports:
  • What is the process for disabling ports and services?
    • PME depends on certain ports for the communication between its components and the connected devices.  Which ports are required for a specific installation depends on the system configuration and the monitoring devices used.  To disable a port, you can block via firewall.  To disable a service, use the windows interface.
  • Are there any ports or services, which cannot be disabled?
    • You can disable any service, but it may prevent operation of that function.  Same applies with ports, but ports should be blocked via firewall, not through software.
  • Can someone port scan the device?
    • Yes
  • What is the recommendation when port scanning the device? Are there any specific ports to avoid?
    • No special treatment.

Security Patch Management

  • How often do you release software patches?
    • Cumulative updates are published at least Quarterly on an as-needed basis.
  • What’s the procedure/process for implementing these patches?
    • We release a cumulative update installer.
  • How do you analyze, research/test, plan, deploy, and back out patches if necessary?
    • All patches follow the same software development process that the software was developed with. 
  • Can patches be applied without interrupting proper operation of the device? If reboots or other interruptions are required can they be delayed or scheduled to occur at a specific time in the future?
    • Some patches will require restarting the server while others may require restarting one or more services.  In both cases, it can be delayed.
  • If critical patches get released, how quickly can you certify this patch and get communication out to customers?
    • Depending on the circumstances and the disclosure situation, this will often be done in a matter of a few weeks.
  • Can you patch across the network or does user have to be on the device?
    • Patches need to be executed on the PME server.
  • How do you respond to vulnerability reports?
    • Vulnerability reports are investigated to determine if they represent an actual vulnerability and if it is an exploitable vulnerability.  It then gets evaluated, given a CVSS score, and logged so that it can be prioritized by the development team. If there is a specific incident being reported, there is an additional process with an incident response team.

Malicious Software Prevention

  • Does the device support anti-virus or malware prevention tools? If so, please describe in general terms (e.g. Signature Based A/V, Behavior Based, Application White listing, etc.)
    • PME can be used with antivirus (AV) software. AV software can have a significant impact on system performance if not set up correctly. In particular, SQL Server performance can be affected if data and log files are not excluded from on-access scans. We have seen issues during the installation of PME, where AV scan delays caused timeouts and failures in the installation process. PME can be used with whitelisting software products such as McAfee Application Control software.
  • How will your application respond to scanning tools such as Nessus, HFNetCheck, etc and antivirus?
    • PME does not specifically respond to these types of scans.  In the case of Nessus, for example, it will provide the same responses on open ports as any other software would receive.  We have seen cases where Nessus had some false positive results related to some of the web pages served and we have addressed those as they were brought up.
  • Other than anti-virus or malware prevention what methods or practices does the vendor recommend to mitigate risk exposure?
    • There are several recommended actions in the PME 9.0 IT Guide including protecting the system key, disabling unused ports, replacing security certificates, reviewing user accounts on a regular basis, and others.
  • Does the vendor provide to or notify customers of updated anti-virus and malware prevention signatures applicable to the device?
    • N/A

Account Management

  • Does the device support individualized accounts and passwords?
    • Please refer to the Users section, on page 313, in the PME 9.0 System Guide for details on a user account in PME.
  • How many accounts can be created?
    • No limit
  • Are the passwords user-modifiable?
    • PME Users are.  Windows users determined by GTC.
  • What is the minimum number of characters in a password?
    • 1 for PME users.  Windows users determined by GTC.
  • What characters are required or allowable in creating a password?
    • Passwords cannot contain a whitespace character.  Alphanumeric and special characters allowed.
  • Are users required to change password periodically? If yes, what is the time period?
    • PME user passwords do not expire, however if you’re using Active Directory and Windows Users you can setup expiring password on whatever time period you want.
  • What is the method for removing, disabling, or renaming accounts?
    • PME users managed with User Manager in the application.  Windows users managed by GTC.
  • Are there any accounts which cannot be deleted? If yes, are the passwords re-settable?
    • If using PME users, you must have a supervisor level account.  Windows users managed by GTC.
  • Is there an account lockout after X amount of failed login attempts?
    • Not for PME users.
  • What user account information is logged when the device is accessed?
    • Failed logins and user changes are logged.
  • Does the device support syslog?
    • Meters support syslog, PME software does not.
  • Does the device support SNMP?
    • It is possible to use additional software to send SNMP messages based on events in PME, but it does not natively support SNMP.
  • What logs can be accessed locally?
    • All logs can be accessed locally.
  • What is the maximum number of entries in the access logs?
    • Only limit is hard drive or database size limits.

Security Status Monitoring

  • What capabilities does the device possess for monitoring and detecting cyber security incidents?
    • PME does not intrinsically detect cyber security incidents. It is possible, in theory, to engineer a project to add some version of this capability.
  • Does the device have the capability to issue alerts if incidents related to security are detected?
    • PME has the ability to send email notifications which could be tied to the hypothetical monitoring function discussed above.

Is Clipsal bitsa box still available?

No. Unfortunately the Clipsal bitsa box is no longer available.

Does Clipsal make a 'split' mech?

NO. unfortunately Clipsal does not make a 'split' mech.

Does Clipsal manufacture split mechanisms?

Unfortunately not, Clipsal does not have split mechanisms.

Recommendations and Best Practices for the AP9622 Building Management Card


The following document outlines some recommended configuration settings for using the AP9622 with a Building Management System. The information is intended to help maintain reliable communication with the device and help troubleshoot where applicable.

Product Line

  • Building Management
    • AP9622
  • Supported APC UPS Models
    • Smart UPS with the prefix SU, SUA, SUM, SURTA, SURT, SUVT
    • Symmetra Power Array, Symmetra LX, Symmetra RM, Symmetra 3 phase <= 160kVA
    • Silcon UPS

  • All serial numbers
  • All firmware versions
  • All installation scenarios


When the AP9622 is not working as expected, please refer to the helpful hints listed below to help remedy the problem and find the root cause.


Please refer to the settings and troubleshooting sections below for configurations involving the AP9622 Building Management Card.



For each register, 500ms is recommended. Each Modbus register read causes the card to poll the UPS for that piece of data and therefore, the timeout needs to scale with the number of registers polled per request. To allow for unforseen circumstances, it is suggested to use the following equation to calculate the timeout: 500 ms * (number of registers) + 100 ms = Total Timeout

It is recommended to poll blocks of 10 supported registers (or less) at a time.

Scan Rates

It is suggested to configure your scan rate no less than 1000ms. Please keep in mind this setting may still need to be adjusted depending on the number of devices, size of your queries, and the length of the serial bus.


In order to troubleshoot an issue involving the AP9622, begin by noting the following items:
  • What is the firmware revision of the AP9622? (a letter revision found on the physical card or through the configuration menu)
  • What port settings are being used?
  • Are any adapters being used? (supported RS-485 adapters noted in FA156062) - In addition to adapters, are any other devices being used (i.e. Modbus Gateway)?
  • How many devices are on the same communication bus as the AP9622?
  • Please describe the communication bus, length, type of wiring, termination and the other devices.
  • Which register map is being used? (these register maps are generally available on or
  • What are the current timeout/scan rate settings set to?
  • Which specific registers are timing out?
  • How many are being read at a time?
  • Has communication been confirmed between the AP9622 and a computer using the 940-0103 APC configuration cable? (if no data is being read)
  • Which UPS model is the AP9622 installed in? What is the firmware version of the UPS?
  • If applicable, is the UPS configured for any type of redundant or parallel operation modes?
  • Are there any other APC Accessory devices in use (for example, a Network Management Card)? If so, describe the configuration and where each device is installed.

Does Clipsal still sell Mistral pedestal fans?

No. Unfortunately, Clipsal no longer sells Mistral pedestal fans. Thus Clipsal does not have Pedestal fans in its current product range.

What are the wire or cable sizes required for the GV7RE and GV7RS starters?

What are the wire or cable sizes required for the GV7RE and GV7RS starters?

Product Line:
Manual starters and protectors

Tesys GV2,GV3 and GV7

Wiring and installation of starters

For the GV7R*20 thru R*150 use a mechanical lug kit / clip-on connectors for 1 #14-3/0 GV7AC021 (sold in lots of 3) . For the GV7R*220 use a kit for 1 #14-350mcm GV7AC022 (sold in lots of 3).

What colours is Tal Plus skirting duct available in?

Tal Plus Skirting Duct is available in the following colours  Black ( B ), White ( W ), Opal Grey ( O ) and Natural Anodised ( N).

TAL Plus skirting duct complements modern commercial environments offering an innovative cable management solution.It represents the latest design evolution and development in our cable management solutions range.
Some of the key features are:
  • Innovative new design
  • Removable barrier - two or three division
  • Extruded aluminium clip-on lid
  • High quality steel drop-in lid
  • Four colour options
  • All outlets in line
  • Centre mounting suits power packs
  • Suitable for categories 5A, 6 and 6A cabling
  • Ease of installation
  • Range of sizes
For futher information please visit


Is there a replacement or alternative for the 30 pair, distribution enclosure 3100E30IDF?

Yes, the replacement/ alternative for a 30 pair, distribution enclosure 3100E30IDF is 3100F540MDFC Clip-on Distribution Frame.
Some Key Features are :
  • 500 pair frame - accommodates 50 modules and 4 label holders
  • Fully compatible with leading clip-on style frames
  • Accepts all leading clip-on style modules
  • Links with other frames in the Clipsal Dataco mms High Density Portfolio
  • Metal covers
For more information please visit


Is there a replacement or alternative for the 30 pair, distribution enclosure 3100E30IDF?

Yes, the replacement/ alternative for a 30 pair, distribution enclosure 3100E30IDF is 3100F540MDFC Clip-on Distribution Frame.
Some Key Features are :
  • 500 pair frame - accommodates 50 modules and 4 label holders
  • Fully compatible with leading clip-on style frames
  • Accepts all leading clip-on style modules
  • Links with other frames in the Clipsal Dataco mms High Density Portfolio
  • Metal covers
For more information please visit

What are the mechs to fit a Clipsal 4061PBL-PW

Part number for the mechs is Clipsal 60PBL

Looking for a 63mm Clipsal Bush ?

Clipsal only have up to 50mm - part number 281/50-GY

What is the Clipsal version of a PDL 534P8

The Clipsal version is B8/30/4-WE

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