CLIPSS Airflow

Airflow Performance Sweep Fan Clipper Light

Catalogue Number: CLIPSS
CLIPSS Airflow
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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EU RoHS Directive
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Frequently Asked Questions

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PDL534P24S do they come with mounting clips?

Yes it does come complete with mounting clips.

Does the PDL534P16 come with the PDL533 600 series mounting clips?

Yes all three of the 534 multigang plates come with the 533 panel mounting clips.

Can the PDL534P Multi gang switch plates be purchased with Black 600 series mounting clips?

No, but the clips can be purchased separately.
 For example:
 PDL534P8S(8 gang stainless steel mounting plate with white clips)+ 8x PDL533BK (Black mounting clips to replace the white ones.)

Is there a part number for the mounting clips for the Magelis HMIGTOxxx0 target?

Yes, the part number for the mounting clips for the HMIGTOxxx0 is HMIZGFIX.

Are our 8mm cable clips, 564M8 , available in Black?

Cable clips 564M8 are only available in white...
For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

Video: How do I retrieve surveillance clips in StruxureWare Data Center Expert

Retrieving surveillance clips in StruxureWare Data Center Expert.

Product Line:
  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • NetBotz

  • StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)
  • NetBotz discovered by DCE and licensed for surveillance

This is for customers that require assistance in retrieving NetBotz camera clips in DCE



1) Open the DCE Client and go to the Surveillance perspective.

2) Select a device group in the Device Groups pane.

3) Within the Thumbnails pane, you will see the camera thumbnails for your NetBotz Appliances that are in the group you selected.
NOTE: If a thumbnail shows a red circle with a cross-line through it, the camera has not been licensed for surveillance. See knowledge base FA297815 for instructions.

4) Right-click on the camera and select Retrieve Clips.

NOTE: Clips are stored according to the NetBotz Appliance date/time, not the DCE Appliance date/time.

5) Within the Choose Date section, select either Relative or Date Range.
NOTE: If using relative, ensure that the date/time on the DCE Appliance is accurate, as it will be used as a reference point.

6) Select Retrieve Clips and a list of clips during that time frame will show within the list.

7)  You can select a clip and then select View.
NOTE: You can also tag, export, or delete clips.

Do you sell the light fitting only to suit your ceiling fans?

Yes, we do sell the lights seperately. There are two types, Clipper lights and Oyster lights, and these are also available in two colour variants, White and Satin Chrome to suit Stainless Steel fans.
The part numbers are  CLIPWHT/ CLIPSS for Clipper lights and  OYWHT / OYSS for Oyster lights.

For further information please visit

What are the catalog numbers for the Masterpact cluster retainer clips?

Product Line:
Masterpact NW

There are several different kits based on the breaker rating and number of poles.  Please see the attached instruction bulletin for catalog numbers. 


What comes in the 493L

Is it possible to order PM5500 mounting clips separately?

A customer would like to purchase the PM5500 mounting clips separately.

Product Line
Powerlogic PM5500

Installation - Mounting Clips

A customer has broken or misplaced the mounting clips for a PM5500 meter (integrated or remote display).

Unfortunately, the mounting clips cannot be purchased separately. They can, however, be purchased as part of the mounting hardware kit.

Part numbers for the two models are the following:
- METSEPM55HK for integrated display model (PM5560)
- METSEPM55HKRD for remote display model (PM5563RD)

Can you use the old Clipper lights on the new fans?

Yes, the Clipper and Oyster lights (OYWHT, OYSS, CLIPWHT & CLIPSS) are compatible with the new fans.

For further information, please visit
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What would be the part number for an Earth Clip, 16/20 mm.

Pressed Metal Conduit Fittings, Earth Clips, Water pipe adjustable earth clip 15 - 20mm or 1/2 - 3/4 inch.
Please see following link under the documentation tab for full catalogue.

Are the clips to hold the blades on part number AFLR48 made up of brass?

Yes. The clips are made up of Brass.

Do you have CLICFT522 clips to suit as spares?

No. Unfortunately, there are no clips available as spare part.

NetBotz v3 | How do I add/remove custom audio clips?

Process for adding/removing custom audio clips on a v3 NetBotz Appliance.

Product Line:
NetBotz v3 (355, 450, 455, 550, & 570)

NetBotz v3 (all firmware versions)


1) Log into the Advanced View application using an Administrator account.

2) Select the Configuration Tab and then under Appliance Settings select Custom Audio Clips.

3) To add a custom audio clip, select Add Custom Audio Clip.

NOTE: To delete a custom audio clip from your appliance, select the audio clip from the Custom Audio Clips list and click Delete Custom Audio Clip.

4) Brose to the custom audio clip and then select Open.
NOTE: Files must conform to the following specifications:
OGG format: 8 kHz or 16 kHz sample rate, mono or stereo.
Windows WAV format (PCM only): Any sample rate, mono or stereo. WAV files are encoded into OGG files on upload, so the actual storage space used is less than the initial WAV file size.

5) Provide the audio clip with a unique label and then select OK to upload it to your appliance.

Is the Clipsil trunking available black?

Not available in black.

Is the Clipal 30FAV a solder connector

They are F connectors on the back.  Clipsal do not do solder on the back of RCA's

Do you have 20mm conduit clips in stainless steel?

No, unfortunately there is no stainless steel conduit clip. Only the full saddles are available in stainless steel.

For further information please visit

What is the part code for the plastic clips in black for the Clipsal 16/30/162/4-WE

Part code is B30GFZ-BK

How many spring loaded clips are included in Magelis part number XBTZ3003?

Magelis part number XBTZ3003 includes 10 spring loaded clips in the package.

What wall clips are suited to the BSL range?

You can use the 154 provided you allow a 10mm gap.

What is the part code for a Multi 9 circuit breaker clips

 The part code is 27052A

Are the clips on part no TPWPLED1 marine grade steel

The clips for part no TPWPLED1 are not marine grade steel

they are rated at 304 grade

Can you purchase the 56SB13 lid door clips as a spare part?

No, unfortunately we do not do the lid door clips as a spare part. However, you can purchase the front section as a spare (less enclosure). The part number is 56SB13LE.

Is the Clipsal Eclipse Range Available?

No, This has been replaced by the Clipsal Slimline Range

Is there a Clipsal equivalent of PDL648TM?

No, there is no Clipsal alternative available

Are Clipsal Data cabinets approved for Class "C" use?

No , The current range of Clipsal data cabinets does not have Class "C" approval.

For more information regarding Clipsals data offering please visit the Clipsal website  on the link provided

What is the part number for a bucket of cable clips for 2.5mm Twin & Earth?

The part number for a bucket of cable clips for 2.5mm Twin & Earth is - 564/1BKT

For further information , visit link below:-
User-added image

the SL2031VXC-WE is no longer available. Can a SC Cover plate be used? what is the part code?

the SC2031VXC-WE will fit on that grid. But the Slimline range is also discontinued.

Can I get spare aligator clips for the 493 sparke mate leads

No, but you can get the lead kit by itself

Can you get the clips for the spark e mate leads as a part

No you will need to replace lead kit

Do we have cable clips available in black? Eg 564M8J ?

No - only available in white.

Can I purchase the cover plates only for Clipsil Saturn Horizon 406x plates?

No, Grid with cover plates available but not cover plates only

Is the Clipsil 2000 range available in brushed aluminium?

No, there are no metal finish surrounds available for this range.


Are there illustrations of how to change the accessories on a NetShelter CX: AR4018, AR4018I, AR4024, AR4024I, AR4038, AR4038I?

Are there instructions showing how to change parts and accessories of the NetShelter CX: the clips, doors, side panels, fans and fan power supply?

Product Line:
NetShelter CX
All versions and serial ranges
Customers may need instructions for changing parts of the NetShelter CX.
See attached file.

What is the part number for the 30M35 in chrome shadow?

The part number is 30M35-3S, but not anymore available for sale in New-Zealand.

How many spring loaded clips are included in Magelis part number XBTZ3002?

Magelis part number XBTZ3002 includes 12 spring loaded clips in the package.

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL171484 V1.0, Originally authored by on , Last Edited by on
Related ranges: XBT K, XBT B, XBT A, XBT V...

Are there any plaster clips or other accessories for 2000/3 ?

We only make wall boxes for this 2000/3
The Part number is 2157/3  or 2157/3SB1 or 2157/3SB2

Can you replace a Clipsal or Clipsal plates with Iconic Styl, will it fit?

The Iconic grid plate range will fit onto the standard 84mm mounting centres used by the other ranges. The Iconic Styl skin then clips onto the Iconic grid.

For further information on this range please visit:

Is there a clipsal slimline vertical double socket available?

The Slimline range is now completely discontinued, But there were no Horizontal socket plates available in that range.

Can you get the mounting clips that come with the 600 series dimmers as a spare part eg. PDL 654MWH

 These are not available as a spare part

Can you get the 3304PT plastic anchoring clips (they hold it into the metal flush box) as a spare part

Parts are no longer available for this unit

What is the part number for the clips that hold the shelving racks for the server Cabinets?

The part number for the clips that hold the shelving racks for the server Cabinets is 3106CN.
It consists of 8mm Cage Nuts and 16 X 8mm bolts (bag of 100).

For further information please visit

Is the Eclipse or Slimline series still available?

No. Unfortunately, both of these Series have been discontinued.

How do I reset a customers Password on Eclipse?

Go To the following Web site:

Look up the User and Reset their password. Make sure the customer is told that it may take 15 minutes before they get the new password.

Are the Clipsal Conduit Clips available in Electric Orange?

No, they are only available in grey.

This applies to the 280/16 (16mm), 280/20 (20mm), 280/25 (25mm), 280/32 (32mm), 280/40 (40mm) and 280/50 (50mm).

What would be a longer screw to suit Clipsals round j-boxes (Junction Boxes)?

The part number would be 248/20 which is a combination screw head 20MM 3/16 BSW.

What are the part numbers for the spring retainer clips for the PM200, 700, and 800 meters and contents of hardware kit?

A customer would like to order replacement spring retainer clips for the PowerLogic PM200, 700 or 800 series power meters. 

Product Line
PowerLogic PM200, PM700 and PM800 series Power Meters

PowerLogic PM200, PM700 and PM800 series Power Meters

As a result of the similar dimensions and shape of the PM200, 700 and 800 series power meters, the mounting retainer spring clips can be used interchangeably. Each meter will require 2 retainer clips.

The retainer clips are sold as part of the PM800 hardware kit with the following part number: 63230-500-16.

Internal Part Numbers:

63230-503-11 Retainer Kit (Qty. 2)

63230-503-18 Retainer Kit w/2W terminator (Qty. 2 clips and 1 Terminator)

The PM800 series hardware kit contains all the following parts. The part numbers listed below are internal and as a result they cannot be ordered seperately.

1- Meter template for the cutout = Internal part # 63230-500-09 
1- KYCS Output/Input connector = Internal part # 63230-500-29 
1- RS-485 2-wire connector = Internal part # 63230-500-30 
1- Control Power Connector = Internal part # 63230-500-31 
2- Retainer spring clips for mounting = Internal part # 63230-500-38 
9- Blue Spade lug connectors 
1- 2-Wire RS-485 Terminator = MCT2W 
1- Voltage input connector = 63230-500-28

Is Clipsals 1000va dimmer still available

No , the 32/1000 has been discontinued . The closest replacement is the 31E4RUD range which is rated to 800VA

Please visit the Clipsal web site for more information and specifications regarding this product .

How does the Sy/Max CPU write to the uv-prom chips?

When the program is complete, the last rung is the 'write to uv-prom instruction' which is mandatory for the CPU to go into RUN, The 'write to uv-prom instruction' is a straight line from the rail to a coil addressed 8176-16 (see below). When the program is loaded it will be saved and write protected. To make any alterations to the program, the uv-prom chips would have to be erased.

Note: The Sy/Max PLC line and software have been obsolete since 2015 and have been replaced with the M580. For more information and upgrade options contact your local Schneider sales office or distributor.
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