plate blank std mtg s/steel

Metal Plate Series Blank Plates, Spacers, B Style, Flat Plate

Catalogue Number: B31VX
plate blank std mtg s/steel
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Range of product
Metal Plate
Product brand
Product or component type
blank plate
Fixing center
84 mm
10 mm
115 mm
70 mm
EU RoHS Directive
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is part number B31VX the same size as BSL31VH?

Part number B31VX is smaller than BSL31VH. Following are the dimensions:

B31VX 115mm  (L) x 70mm (W)

BSL31VH  130mm (L) x 85mm (W)

Does the B31VX have a hole in it?

No, the B31VX is just a blank plate.

For more information, please refer to the link:

What is part no for mounting block to suit A31VX

Part no A31VX will fit onto any standard wall box eg 449a

Will part number A31VX fit onto standard wall box?

Yes A31VX will fit onto standard wall boxes.

for further information on this part please refer to

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Is there a part similar to the grid plate 2031VX that has a terminal block on the back?

Yes, The grid plate has a terminal block on the back and is rated at 30A. The part number is 2031VXCB.