switch mech half 2way 16a

Switch Module, S1, Rocker, 250V AC 16AX - 1 Way / 2 Way, no LED

Catalogue Number: 80MH
switch mech half 2way 16a
RRP (Inc. GST)
Colour White Electric (WE)
  • White Electric 1 PCE
  • Black 1 PCE


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Range of product
PDL 800 Modena Series
Product brand
Device presentation
basic element
Switch function
Fixing mode
by screws
Local signalling
[Ue] rated operational voltage
250 V AC
Rated current
16 A
without marking
EU RoHS Directive

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do Modena switches come with out LED

All come with LED , ( Except the 80MH) but you do not need to connect the LED  if you do not want the LED indicator.

For more information on this product range please visit the Clipsal web site on the supplied link https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results?q=80m

Is part no 80ML available marked Fan ?

Part no 80ML is not marked Fan

Is 80mm corrugated conduit available?

Unfortunately. There is no 80mm corrugated available.

What is part number for 80mm galvanised saddle?

The part number for 80mm galvanized saddle is the part number is 178/80PP.

What are the dimensions for the new PDL DBF60 and DBS60 distribution boards?

Board Size - 376w x 800h x 100d   Hole size - 335w x 765h x 80d inc wallboard

Board Size - 376w x 800h x 115d    Hole size - N/A


What is the part number for a cap for 80mm pressure pipe?

The part number for a cap for 80mm pressure pipe is - 262P80

For further information , visit link below:-
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What are the Dimensions for PDL Switchboard DBF60?

Board Size: 376w x 800h x 100d
Hole Size: 335w x 765h x 80d 


What is the part number for the EM4880 5A to 80mA CT converter?

A user would like to purchase a converter to convert 5A CT to 80mA current inputs for EM4xxxx meters

Product Line
Current transformers 



The 5A:80mA converter is useful in applications where there are existing 5A CT's integrated into large motors or switch gear. The 5A:80mA converter matches the 5A secondary of the load to the 80mA input of the meter. In Billing Grade applications, the 5A:80mA converter is also used to connect regulatory grade large aperture, large amperage CT's with 5A secondary to the 80mA of PowerLogic 4X80 meters.

The EM4xxx 5A to 80mA CT converter is available in Canada and the part number is: 900-319-01-A00

The EM4xxx 5A to 80mA CT converter is now available in the US and the part number is: METSECONV580

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL210195 V1.0, Originally authored by MaTh on 01/03/2013
Related ranges: EM4800

Need a stainless steel metal enclosure for an emergency stop 80 x 80 x 80mm

 None available in that size and material 

What is the total depth of the SBIP Clipsal Pop up sockets ?

80mm Deep when closed,
100mm deep when opened.
See drawing attached.

What is the part number for a 80mm x 50mm service column?

The part number for a 80mm x 50mm service column is MSC80503N.
However this part is being phased out and replaced with the new Optiline 70 series.

For more information, visit the website at www.clipsal.com/Trade/search-results and click on the link to view a brochure.

What is the part number for a VGA outlet and plate for the Modena series?

The part number for a VGA outlet and plate for the Modena series is - 80MVGA , 80MB & M8080H

For further information , visit links below:-
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