681mbbz brush bronze cover

Cover Brushed Bronze

Catalogue Number: 681M
681mbbz brush bronze cover
Colour: Polished Brass
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Bronze 1 PCE
  • Polished Brass 1 PCE
  • Stainless Steel 1 PCE
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PDL 600 Designer Series
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the part number for a PDL single gang grid and cover?

The part number for a PDL single gang grid and cover is a 681VH.
Some of the key features are:
  • Standard
  • also suitable for a 681M metal cover plate
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=681VH​

Is there a Lexcom RJ45 connector that fits in a PDL plate

Yes, use a VDI552012 + 611M

What is the dimensions for the PDL 611M mounting adaptor clip

 They only fit the 600 series plates

Do you have metal plates for the PDL600 series switches?

Yes, we do have metal cover plates for the PDL600 series switches. The part number for a single gang cover is 681M.

Can the 681 switch fluorescent lights

Yes but only up to 19A

What are the dimensions of the PS100CO?

The dimensions are 105mm (H) X 68mm (W) X 63mm (D).

Is the PDL 581 hinge flap mech the same as 600 series one

Yes the 681 hinge flap mechs are the same size

What is the dimensions for a PDL 681 1-Gang Switch ?

Overall Dimensions - 118mm x 74mm
Mounting Centres - 84mm

What is the XD2AC221?

What is the XD2AC221?

Product Line:
Harmony Pushbuttons

All Products

Product Features

It is a 30mm joystick., a 2 direction with spring return to 0 with a 68mm long lever.


What is the part number for a PDL 2 gang switch grid and cover?

The part number for a PDL 2 gang switch grid and cover is PDL682VH.

Some of the key features are:
  • Standard size
  • For 682M metal cover plate
For further information please visit https://www.clipsal.com/Trade/Products/ProductDetail?catno=682VH


Is it allowed to extend the lead on a BCPM split core CT?

Is it allowed to extend the lead on a BCPM split core CT?
If so, What is the maximum recommended length of the lead extension?

Product Line:
BCPM split core CT

Extending CT Leads for BCPM split core CT

Customer is requesting to extend the CT length with minimal to no accuracy changes.


Yes, you may extend the CT leads.

6.1m (20ft) is the our recommended maximum length for CT extension leads.
One of our recommended accessories, the BCPMSCCT0R20, is such a 6.1m lead, referred to on page xxiii of the PowerLogic¿ BCPMSC
Branch Circuit Power Meter with Split-Core CTs Panelboard Monitoring System Installation Guide, available here:
See also RESL191029 which discusses wire size and attenuation.

What size are the cable ports on the NetShelter CX, and how many are there?

Cables need to enter and exit the cabinet. 

Product Line:
NetShelter CX2

All versions and serial ranges.

Knowing the dimension of the cable port allows a person to calculate how many cables can fit through the opening. 


AR4000MV: two ports, 30mm x 95mm at the botton and 26mm x 68mm at the top. 

AR4018A/AR4018IA: one port, 350mm x 120mm at the bottom. 

AR4024A/AR4024IA: one port, 350mm x 120mm at the bottom. 
AR4038A/AR4038IA: two ports, 350mm x 120mm, one at the top and one at the bottom. 

How do the PDL 600 and 800 series product codes work?

As a general rule of thumb -
PDL items require PDL at the front of the code.
600 series item codes start with 6.
600 series switch codes start with 68.
The number of switches fitted in the plate is the 3rd number in the code, 681 = single 600 series switch, 682 = double 600 series switch
600 series socket codes start with 69.
The 3rd digit in a socket code indicates the type of socket, 691 = single vertical socket, 692 = double vertical socket, 694 = single horizontal socket, 695 = double horizontal socket.
Most codes require a colour code at the end, WH = white, BK = black.
eg. To order a black double vertical switched socket the complete code would be PDL692BK.
800 series (Modena) item codes start with 8 and follow the same format as above. (800 series items with Strato plates start with S8...)
eg. An 800 series Modena double switch in white = PDL882WH, a Strato double horizontal switched socket in black = PDLS895BK 
In both series metal cover plates are an extra option to be supplied separately, coded to fit the plate required, eg. 600 series single switch metal plate in Stainless Steel = PDL681MSS (M = Metal, BBZ = Brushed Bronze, PB = Polished Brass) Some plastic cover plates are available eg. PDL681CWH (C = Cover), PDL800PSCH (PS = Plastic Surround, CH = Champagne, there are 9 colour options in 800 series)
Strato brushed aluminium plates also need BK or WH to decide the trim colour, eg. PDLS800CBABK or PDLS800CBAWH (C = Cover , BA = Brushed Aluminium)
Module grids with covers are available in BK or WH, eg. PDL684VHWH (VH = vertical/horizontal since the grid is empty and module can be fitted either way), PDLS800GPSBK (GPS = Grid, Plate, & Surround).
Grids without covers included are only available in Modena 800 series, PDL800G (horizontal) or PDL800GV (vertical)
Refer pdl.co.nz for further details and options.