Angled image of 530T BC Battenholder with Fixing Spigots

Batten Holder BC Fix Spigot

Catalogue Number: 530T
Angled image of 530T BC Battenholder with Fixing Spigots
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Product or component type
BC lamp holder adaptor
Provided equipment
  • lamp holder
  • fixed mounting spigot
  • skirt
    • Colour tint
      white electric
      Device mounting
      Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      EU RoHS Directive
      Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
      Environmental Disclosure
      Circularity Profile

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      Frequently Asked Questions

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      How many watt is the batten lamp holder 530T capable of?

      The batten lamp holder 530T is capable of up 230W.
      Some of its key features are:
      • 250V
      • With built-in fastening Ppugs and screws
      • Easily removable cover by 120 deg rotation and visual indicators
      • Front access to terminal slots allowing easy adjustment of terminals, even after installation
      • Built-in safety feature to ensure removable cover does not fall onto globe
      • Protection against accidental finger access to terminal slots
      • No exposed, unsightly mounting screwheads
      • AS 1939-1991 standard
      For further information please visit


      Is backing plate available for part no 530LT

      Unfortunately there is no backing plate available for this part

      Where can we find wiring and mounting data for the XPSAK Preventa safety relays?

      See the attached instruction sheet.


      Do you have a 2 gang version of the 30T architrave switch?

      Yes, we do have a 2 gang version of the 30T architrave switch. The part number is 32TA.

      Do any of the PDL mounting blocks come in black?"

      Yes, the PDL 89, 530, 536, 537, 531, 538, 567S and 567L mounting blocks come in black.

      • The #/* key in the PDL Pocketbook indicates what colours are availbable.

      Is part 530 available in Brown?

      No. Unfortunately, part number is not available in Brown


      How much weight can a 530 batten holder hold for a DIY pendant light?

      The 530 batten holder can be used in a pendant situation.
      However the 530 is normally attached to a lamp shade (or equivalent) where the lamp shade takes the weight.
      The 530 according to standards needs to withstand 5nm of force which equated to about 0.5kg

      What is the Voltage Insulation for the Optical Isolation on the RS-485 port?

      The withstand insulation test voltage for optical isolation for the meters are:

      6200: 4330 Vrms
      73xx: 4330 Vrms
      75xx/76xx: 3750 Vrms
      7700: 2500 Vrms
      8500/8400/8300: 5303 Vrms
      8600: 3750 Vrms
      8800: 3750 Vrms

      Last Revised: September 21, 2007
      Internal PMO/PMC
      All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

      Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL188303 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 10/04/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 10/04/2007
      Related ranges: ION8800, ION8600, ION7550/ION7650, ION7300, ION6200, ION8500, ION8400, ION8300, ION7700, ION7500/ION7600

      What is the default password for PowerLogic meters?

      Product Lines
      CM4000 / CM4
      CM3000 / CM3
      CM2000 / CM2
      PM800 / PM8
      PM700 / PM7
      PM600 / PM6
      PM200 / PM2
      PM5000 Series

      On-board Password

      The default password is 0000

      Is there a ceiling mounted battern holder available?

      Yes, the part number is 2530.
      Batten Holders, Note: The 2530 Series range of batten holders have been redesigned and are replacing 530 and old 2530 Series products, Batten holder BC straight with Clip-on cover.

      For further information please see

      Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?

      For support on APC and MGE products please visit:

      AC Power
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      Is there a fixed angle batten holder available?

      Yes, the fixed angle Batten Holder is a  531. There is also an angled adaptor to suit 530 and 2530 series batten holders which is a 530AWP.

      Some of the key features are:
      • 250W
      • With built-in fastening Ppugs and screws
      • Easily removable cover by 120 deg rotation and visual indicators
      • Front access to terminal slots allowing easy adjustment of terminals, even after installation
      For further information please visit

      How many TCP connections do the PM5000 series meters support?

      How many TCP connections do the PM5000 series meters support?

      Product Line

      Power monitoring

      How many concurrent TCP connections do the PM5000 series meters support?

      The PowerLogic PM5100 series support only a single TCP connection. 

      The PowerLogic PM5300 series support up to 3 concurrent TCP connections. 

      The PowerLogic PM5500 series support up to 32 concurrent TCP connections. 

      Do we sell "miniature architrave switches"

      Yes we do. The product is from the standard series.
      1 Gang - 30T
      2 Gang - 32TA
      3 Gang - 33TA

      The measurements for these products are

      30T dimensions are 54mm (l) x 27mm (w) x 10mm (d).
      32TA dimensions are 75mm (l) x 27mm (w) x 10mm (d).
      33TA dimensions are 98mm (l) x 27mm (w) x 10mm (d).

      For further information, please visit

      User-added image


      How can I direct the diagnostics display to write to a file on the E-series SCADAPack file system?

      The diagnostic display can be directed to an SCADAPack E file, rtudiag.log with the use of the FILEDIAG command.

      The diagnostic display can only be directed to a single service at any given time, and so if the diagnostic mode is already enabled in the RTU, it will have to be disabled before diagnostic file logging can commence.

      If the FILEDIAG command is invoked while a diagnostic display session is active, the following message will be displayed

      Diagnostic display already in-use

      Use RESTART DIAG to disconnect remote user

      The available commands are as follows:

      FILEDIAG [filesize]
       This command is used to enable diagnostic file logging. Filesize is an optional parameter:

      · If filesize is not specified, there is no limit to the size of the log file (rtudiag.log).  

      · If filesize is specified, diagnostic file logging is stopped when the rtudiag.log file exceeds that size. Because the filesize parameter is used as a trigger to stop diagnostic logging, a few seconds worth of diagnostic information may be appended to the rtudiag.log file after the specified file size is reached.

      Activating diagnostic file logging will overwrite any previously created rtudiag.log files.
      FILEDIAG 0
       This command is used to disable diagnostic file logging.
      A FILEDIAG request with no file size specified will be characterized by the following messages. On SCADAPack 530E and SCADAPack 535E RTUs, the /user prompt replaces c:\ in the messages.

      Diagnostic File Logging Commenced (c:\rtudiag.log). Max size not restricted

      Use command FILEDIAG 0 to disable

      A FILEDIAG request that specifies a file size, e.g. FILEDIAG 12000, will be characterised by the following messages:

      Diagnostic File Logging Commenced (c:\rtudiag.log). Max size = 12000 bytes

      Use command FILEDIAG 0 to disable

       A FILEDIAG 0 request to disable diagnostic file logging will be characterised by the following message

      Diagnostic File Logging Disabled


      Cannot change the IP address of PM5000 meter with Ethernet

      Unable to change the IP address on PM5000 meter with Ethernet, or communications are lost after changing the IP address.

      Product Line

      Energy meters
      Power meters

      After configuring the IP address and verifying it was saved, the IP address displayed is not what was entered previously. This issue may also appear after experiencing a communication loss.

      *Warning:  Installation and maintenance of this device should only be performed by qualified, competent personnel that have appropriate training and experience with high voltage and current devices. Failure to follow the instructions / warnings in the Meter Installation Guide can result in permanent damage to the meter, severe injury or death.

      Some PM5000 meters were shipped with a firmware that does not cycle the power after saving the IP address. After configuring the desired IP address, save the configuration changes by exiting the Ethernet information screen and then manually power cycle the meter. The meter will not display the correct IP address until it has completed a reboot cycle. 

      Note: After applying the IP address, do not go back to verify the changes. Instead, immediately power cycle the device and then verify that the configuration held.

      Schneider Electric released firmware to update the functionality of this device. Instructions and link to download Firmware for this device is available at FA299853.

      Default Web page User name and Password for PowerLogic Meters or their Ethernet communication Card

      What is the default Web page user name and password for Powerlogic meters with Ethernet communication card?

      Product Line
      ECC21 (Ethernet communication card for CM3000 and CM4000 Series meters)
      PM8ECC (Ethernet communication card for PM800 Series meters)
      PM5500 Series
      PM8000 Series

      Web page

      A power meter's web page can be accessed by entering the meter's IP address into a web browser's address bar and entering the following default login information:
      Note: ECC21 for CM3000 and CM4000 does not request for Username.
      Meter Password
      CM3000 (ECC21) admin
      CM4000 (ECC21) admin

      Note: To login to the web page of the CM3 and CM4 Silverlight must be installed on the browser. Internet Explorer (IE) is recommended because it has Silverlight installed by default. If the webpage does not show menu items and you are using IE 11, see FA244310.

      Meter Username Password
      PM800 Administrator Gateway
      PM8000 admin 0
      PM8000(Standard Security Enabled) 8000 0
      PM5500(Web Master) user1 pass1
      PM5500(Product Master) user2 pass2

      More Information
      PM5000 series only has web pages for the PM5500 series, and the PM5500 series has two default users with different privileges, Web Master and Product Master. 
      See FA291653 for more information about account privileges.
      The default usernames for the PM5500, user1 and user2, cannot be changed or deleted, but their passwords can be.
      The PM5300 does not have a web page even though it has Ethernet communcations.

      Refer to FA243275 for more information about the PM8000 username and password.
      Please see FA299649 for information on the default login credentials for web interface on Communicaition devices i.e. Com'X, Link150, and EGXs

      Video: Firmware upgrade on a PM800, PM5XXX, PM200, PM700, CM4000/T, CM3000 and CM2000 series meters using DLF-3000

      How to upgrade the firmware on a PM800, PM5XXX, PM200, PM700, PM600, CM4000/T, CM3000 and CM2000 series (Powerlogic) meter.

      Product Line
      PM600 series power meter
      PM800 series power meter
      PM5000 series power meter
      CM4000 series power meter
      CM3000 series power meter
      CM2000 series power meter

      Firmware Upgrade

      *Warning: The firmware utilities listed here can cause permanent damage to your product if applied incorrectly. Before downloading any firmware updates, verify the firmware you are downloading is appropriate for the specific model number of your product. If you have any doubts, contact Technical Support for guidance.* 

      *Warning: Devices should be disconnected from all monitoring software before performing a firmware upgrade*

      Reference the embedded video and attached documents for detailed instructions when using DLF-3000 to upgrade CM4000, PM800, and PM5000 series meter firmware.

      The attached procedure is specific to upgrading firmware on the PM800 and PM5000 meters, however the concept and guidelines will be similar for the following meter types in the Powerlogic family:
      CM4000 Series
      CM3000 Series
      CM2000 Series
      PM800 Series
      PM600 Series 
      PM5000 Series
      • To upgrade a CM4000/4250, load the firmware files in the following order using DLF-3000:
      1- CM4_DL_XXXXX.fw
      2- CM4_OS_XXXXX.fw
      3- CM4_LL_XXXXX.fw

      If it is a CM4000T, install CVMT_OS_XXXXX.fw after upgrading the CM4_LL_XXXX.fw file.
      • To upgrade CM3000 series, load the firmware files in the following order using DLF-3000:
      1- CM3_DL_XXXXX.fw
      2- CM3_OS_XXXXX.fw
      3- CM3_LL_XXXXX.fw

      Use the following link to download the DLF-3000 software:
      DLF3000 Download

      The following links is to the latest firmware for a CM4000 Series meter (v16.010) and CM4 CVMT OS_11.210:
      CM4 DL 13.000
      CM4 OS 16.010
      CM4 LL 14.170
      CM4 CVMT OS 11.210

      The following links is to the latest firmware for a CM3000 Series meter (v15.030):
      CM3 DL 12.200
      CM3 OS 15.030
      CM3 LL 14.170

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a CM2000 Series meter (v17.011):

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM210 Series meter (v3.150):
      PM210 firmware

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM710 Series meter:
      PM710 firmware (V3.150)
      PM750 firmware (V3.160)

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM800 Series meter (v12.700):
      PM800 firmware

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM600 Series meter:
      PM600 series firmware 
      **NOTE: PM600 series firmware has two options in the above link. Please confirm the correct one is used on your device with the instructions in the link.

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5100 Series meter (v2.1.1 and v2.2.1):
      PM5100 firmware

      Firmware version 2.xx is not compatible with firmware version 1.xx. The following link is to the latest V1.xx firmware for a PM5100 Series meter (v1.5.4 and v1.6.4):
      PM5100 V1 firmware

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5300 Series meter (v2.1.1 and v2.2.1):
      PM5300 firmware

      Firmware version 2.xx is not compatible with firmware version 1.xx.The following link is to the latest V1.xx firmware for a PM5300 Series meter (v1.5.4 and v1.6.4):
      PM5300 V1 firmware

      The following link is to the latest firmware for a PM5560 Series meter that used DLF-3000 for the upgrade (v1.01.0):
      PM5560 firmware

      All future upgrades past v1.01.0 use the FTP server for the upgrade. See the PM5500 User Guide Page 139 or follow FA299853.

      ​More Information: 
      OS-Operating system;
      RS-Reset system;
      DL-Download system;
      LL-Language Library


      Netbotz and FTP Return Codes


      Netbotz and FTP Return Codes

      Product Line:



      NetBotz ftp codes


      When configuring the FTP Alert Action on a Netbotz device, the FTP server may return error codes which may viewed in the Appliance Log. The return codes may be used to further troubleshoot the problem.


      The return codes for FTP servers are:

      110 Restart marker reply. In this case, the text is exact and not left to the particular implementation; it must read: MARK yyyy = mmmm where yyyy is User-process data stream marker, and mmmm server's equivalent marker (note the spaces between markers and "=").

      120 Service ready in nnn minutes.

      125 Data connection already open; transfer starting.

      150 File status okay; about to open data connection.

      200 Command okay.

      202 Command not implemented, superfluous at this site.

      211 System status, or system help reply.

      212 Directory status.

      213 File status.

      214 Help message.On how to use the server or the meaning of a particular non-standard command. This reply is useful only to the human user.

      215 NAME system type. WhereNAME is an official system name from the list in the Assigned Numbers document.

      220 Service ready for new user.

      221 Service closing control connection.

      225 Data connection open; no transfer in progress.

      226 Closing data connection. Requested file action successful (for example, file transfer or file abort).

      227 Entering Passive Mode (h1,h2,h3,h4,p1,p2).

      230 User logged in, proceed. Logged out if appropriate.

      250 Requested file action okay, completed.

      257 ""PATHNAME"" created.

      331 User name okay, need password. 332 Need account for login.

      350 Requested file action pending further information

      421 Service not available, closing control connection. This may be a reply to any command if the service knows it must shut down.

      425 Can't open data connection.

      426 Connection closed; transfer aborted.

      450 Requested file action not taken.

      451 Requested action aborted. Local error in processing.

      452 Requested action not taken. Insufficient storage space in system.File unavailable (e.g., file busy)

      500 Syntax error, command unrecognized. This may include errors such as command line too long.
      501 Syntax error in parameters or arguments.

      502 Command not implemented.

      503 Bad sequence of commands.

      504 Command not implemented for that parameter.

      530 Not logged in.

      532 Need account for storing files.

      550 Requested action not taken. File unavailable (e.g., file not found, no access). (550 a:: no such directory means no diskette in a: drive.)

      551 Requested action aborted. Page type unknown.

      552 Requested file action aborted. Exceeded storage allocation (for current directory or dataset). 553 Requested action not taken. File name not allowed.