mcb 1module 1pole 16a 10ka
MCB commercial  1P 1 module; Max 4; Clipsal
mcb 1module 1pole 16a 10ka
MCB commercial  1P 1 module; Max 4; Clipsal

Max 4 Miniature Circuit Breakers, 1 Pole, 1 Module, 18Mm, 240V, 16A, 10Ka

Catalogue Number: 4CB116D10
mcb 1module 1pole 16a 10ka
MCB commercial  1P 1 module; Max 4; Clipsal
mcb 1module 1pole 16a 10ka
MCB commercial  1P 1 module; Max 4; Clipsal
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Product brand
Range of product
Series 4
Curve code
Number of poles
[In] rated current
16 A
Number of modules
[Ue] rated operational voltage
240 V
Breaking capacity
10 kA conforming to EN 60898
Network type
Network frequency
50/60 Hz
Mechanical durability
20000 cycles
Electrical durability
20000 cycles
Connections - terminals
  • screw terminal for 1 cable(s) 0.75-16 mm² rigid
  • screw terminal for 1 cable(s) 0.33-10 mm² flexible
  • screw terminal for 1 cable(s) 0.33-10 mm² flexible with ferrule
    • Wire stripping length
      13 mm
      Tightening torque
      2 N.m
      IP degree of protection
    • IP20 conforming to IEC 60529
    • IP40 (modular enclosure) conforming to IEC 60529
      • Ambient air temperature for operation
        -25-70 °C
        Ambient air temperature for storage
        -40-70 °C
        AS/NZS 60898
        Relative humidity
        95-95 % at 55-55 °C
        81 mm
        18 mm
        78.5 mm
        Net weight
        115 g
        Sustainable offer status
        Green Premium product
        REACh Regulation
        Free of Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold
        EU RoHS Directive
        Mercury free
        RoHS exemption information
        China RoHS Regulation
        Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information
        Environmental Disclosure
        Circularity Profile

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        Frequently Asked Questions

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        What is the part number for a 3 pole 32amp D-Curve C/B

        The part number for a 3 pole 32amp D-Curve C/B is a 4CB332D10.

        For further information please visit

        User-added image

        What is the cable size to suit 4CB3100/10?

        The part number 4CB3100/10 will accommodate up to 50mm2 normal cable and up to 35mm2 flexible cable.

        Replacement for the 4RCBE110/10

        This part has been replaced with 4RCBE210/30S

        What is part number for 2pole 10ma 16amp MCB/RCD?

        Part no 4RCBE216/10

        What is the busbar to suit the 4CB380D10?

        The part number for the busbar to suit is a 14813. However this part is now discontinued and there is NO replacement.

        What size cables fit into the 4CB3125/10?

        If the cable is Rigid/ Semi Rigid the 4CB3125/10 breaker will take a cable from 1mm²- 50mm².


        If the cable is Flexible or Ferrule the 4CB3125/10 breaker will take a cable from 1.5mm²- 35mm².

        Is there a lock-off to suit the 4CB3100/10?

        Yes, the Schneider MGN26380 will suit the Clipsal Max 4 Range.

        Do 4CB series circuit breakers have different color toggles?

        No,previous models had different color toggles for different current ratings but unfortunately current models do not.
        For further information please visit the following link:

        Is there a suitable Shunt trip available to suit the clipsal circuit breaker 4CB363/10

        Yes, you can get a shunt trip 24VDC to suit a miniature circuit breaker 4CB363/10.
        The part number is A9N26948. 
        For further information please visit 

        What is the replacement for a 4EBE216/10?

        The replacement for a 4EBE216/10 is a 4RCBE216/10.
        Some of the key features are:
        • Unique new white finish for a fresh modern look
        • Base module = 18 mm wide, compact standardised and consistent module dimensions
        • Lift-up terminals. Safer ‘no hot spot’ terminations and all cable strands are locked in
        • Cable automatically guided to the correct position: terminals with guard
        • Fast closure
        • The presence of the green strip guarantees physical opening of the contacts and allows operations to be performed on the downstream circuit in complete safety
        • Same housing as AC type MCBs. Uniformity in space requirements and installation
        • Superior, safe and reliable DC breaking per pole
        • Used with marine, telecommunications, solar power, emergency power, battery power
        • Excellent breaking capability for its compact size
        • 36mm Modular Spacing
        • Surge current protected to 250 A at 8/20 uS
        • Operating temperature: -5 to 40 deg C
        • 2 degree of pollution
        • Rated Impulse withstand Voltage is 4kV
        • 40 ms Trip times
        • Standard type
        • 1 phase
        For further information please visit


        Is there a way to substitute length or color Sku to find an available Cat 5, 5E, 6 patch cable?

        Customers may need to substitute one Cat X cable for a similar one due to availability.
        Product Line:
        Cables and Connectivity Solutions
        Cat 5E, Cat 6, Cat 6A patch cables 
        When a Cat X cable is unavailable customers need help finding a suitable replacement. This can be accomplished by changing the color, length or cable type.
        Resolution : see below

        When the patch cable Sku you want is unavailable please try another product family, color or length.
        Our patch cable Skus are intelligent part numbers.
        The base of the p/n has the product family, followed by a color designator, then the length.

        For example: Sku 3827GY-15 is a Cat 5E UTP patch cable, Gray, 15 foot long.
        3827 = the product family of Cat 5E UTP patch cables. (cable type)
        GY is a color code designator for Gray. (color) 
        -15 is a designator for 15 foot. (length) 
        Here are all of the common designators:

        Product Families
        3827 = Cat 5E UTP Patch Cable (previously Cat 5)
        47127 = Cat 5E UTP Patch Cable, molded boot 
        47251 = Cat 6 UTP Patch Cable

        BK = Black
        BL = Blue
        GR = Green
        GY = Gray
        RD = Red
        WH = White
        YL = Yellow

        Common Lengths:

        BAFO is currently the source for all Distributors, Resellers, etc, for all APC brand products from the Cables and Connectivity Solutions division. For APC Cables and Connectivity products please see