Clipsal Saturn 4000 Decorative Surround 2 Gang 2 Gang, Horizontal

White Electric | Clipsal Saturn 4000 Decorative Surround 2 Gang 2 Gang, Horizontal

Clipsal Saturn 4000 Decorative Surround 2 Gang 2 Gang, Horizontal

Item Number: 4000H2-WE

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To really enhance the sophisticated styling of Clipsal Saturn switches or power points, this 2 Gang Surround sits behind the switch or power point to create a perfect finish against the wall. Beautifully presented, the frame suits horizontally installed Clipsal Saturn switches or power points.

Product Dimensions

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Width232 mm

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Height75 mm

Depth icon

Depth6.9 mm



Qty UoM EAN Colour
Clipsal Saturn Horizon Silver Group shot
Saturn 4000 Espresso Black 4025-EB
Clipsal Saturn 4000 Ocean Mist, 4025-OM
Saturn 4000 Pure White 4025-PW



Range of product

Saturn Series 4000

Product brand


Sustainable offer status

Green Premium product


Mounting position



6.9 mm


232 mm


75 mm

REACh Regulation

Reference contains Substances of Very High Concern above the threshold

EU RoHS Directive

Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)

Mercury free


RoHS exemption information


China RoHS Regulation

Product out of China RoHS scope. Substance declaration for your information

Environmental Disclosure



Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

31 g

Package 1 Height

8 mm

Package 1 width

75 mm

Package 1 Length

231 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the mounting frame for the 4025H2

 Part code is 4000H2

What is the Cut-Out, Dimensions and/ or Template for a 4000VH2 quad surround?

Please see the below image for the Dimensions and/ or Template for a 4025H2 quad outlet.

How do I scale 0 - 4095 to 6400 - 32000 using 984 Ladder Logic?

The following network scales data from 0-4095 to 6400 - 32,000 when 4-20ma (6400 = 4 mA, 32,000 = 20 mA) outputs are required
but a 0-20ma analog output is used. .

Register 400001 and 400002 are used together in the top node of the EMTH Block, where 400001 is
always 0000 data and 400002 is the variable data, 0-4095, to be scaled. Register 400003, displayed in data
format float, is a fixed floating point value that the user enters as 6.25153 (note that two registers are
used to create the floating point value, 400003 & 400004 in this example). Register 400005 (and 400006)
is the floating point result of the integer and floating point multiplication (EMTH block).

The FTOI (Floating Point TO Integer) block converts the floating point result of registers 400005
and 400006 to an integer value in a single register 400007.

The AD16 block adds the top node register 400007 to the middle node constant 6400 and places
the result in register 400009. This register will then map to one of the analog outputs.

The following data screens shows the input values of 0 and 4095 and there corresponding results.

Is there a decorative surround for the 4025H2 quad outlet?

Yes the part number for a decorative surround for the 4025H2 quad outlet is a 4000H2.

Starting Register number in Modbus Read functions

Goals and Symptoms

When performing Modbus read commands, it is important to apply the right starting register address in the read function. Otherwise, the wrong register will be accessed from the meter, giving unexpected data for the meter parameter being read.

  • Meter is functioning as expected. The front panel values for voltages and currents are within expected ranges for the system being monitored. However, modbus read functions from a master station (e.g. a PLC) give values that do not correspond to the front panel values.

Facts and Changes

Modbus, modbus rtu, function read, modbus map, holding register, staring register, function 03, modbus read packet

Causes and Fixes

One probable cause would be that, the modbus function read command is not pointing to the right registers. The modbus protocol requires an offset to be introduced in the starting register address when reading the slaves register.


When reading the meter parameters, the Master must send the device a Read Holding Registers packet. This packet must specify a start register and the number of registers to read. When the function read is received, the slave responds with a packet containing the registers in the range defined in the read request.

However, consider the 3710 Modbus map, which states that according to the MODBUS protocol, in response to a request for address 4xxxx, the master reads register xxxx-1 from the slave (3710). For example, a request for register 40011 returns register 10 from the slave.

What does the above statement mean? Why is an offset required?

Holding registers, by default, are defined the 4xxxx range, the first holding register staring at 40001. The starting register in the read packet is, on the other hand, numbered from zero. Hence, the start register zero automatically points to holding register 40001, starting register one points to holding register 40002, etc. The fact that the first holding register is 40001 and not 40000 explains the offset that needs to be introduced in the starting register number.

Hence, considering the 3710 Modbus Map statement, if the Master needs to read register 40011, then the corresponding starting register that needs to be put in the read function would be 10 (0A hex) since register 40011 is the register 10 from the first holding register, 40001:
40001 > Start register 0
40002 > Start register 1
40003 > Start register 2
40004 > Start register 3
40005 > Start register 4
40006 > Start register 5
40007 > Start register 6
40008 > Start register 7
40009 > Start register 8
40010 > Start register 9
40011 > Start register 10

The Modbus Read Request Packet for a master reading 3 registers from a slave with unit ID 100 (64 Hex) and for starting register of 40011 should be:

Slave ID
Start Register (40011)
# of Registers
CRC Checksum

To summarize, when looking at a modbus map, the starting register number to be used in the read function:

Start Register = Modbus Register 40001.


Original article#12774


All content © 1992-2007 Schneider Electric

Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL188799 V1.0, Originally authored by KBAdPM on 11/03/2007, Last Edited by KBAdPM on 11/03/2007
Related ranges: Modbus / JBus

How do I scale data from 0-32,000 to 0-4095 using 984 Ladder Logic?


The following network scales data from 0-32,000 to 0-4095 for use with analog signals.

Register 300001 contains the analog input data (0-32,000).

This data gets BLKM (Block Moved) to register 400002. 

Registers 400001 and 400002 are the top integer nodes of an EMTH (Divide Integer by Floating point) which is divided by registers 400003 and 400004 (display 400003 as data type float), the middle node registers that contain the floating point constant (7.814408).  

The floating point result is found in registers 400005 and 400006 that is then converted by the FTOI
(Floating point TO Integer) Block to register 400007.

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Homeowner relaxed in their kitchen with Saturn 4000 light switches


Simplicity. Beauty. Style.

The Clipsal Saturn 4000 Series is specifically designed to offer a seamless electrical solution for the home. It offers stylish wall switches and sockets with the choice of glass-look fascia’s in three distinctive colours, or the metallic finishes of Saturn Horizon.

Saturn 4000 goes beyond simple light switches and power points. It is a complete electrical accessory solution that gives superior functionality while enhancing your home’s décor.

Its revolutionary push button technology gives you smooth reliable operation at the touch of a button. And the architecturally designed fascias look great and are a breeze to clean.