Skin Socket Sw Vert Twin 10A AN

Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point Skin, Vertical Mount, 250V, 10A, Clip-On

Catalogue Number: 3025VC-AN
Skin Socket Sw Vert Twin 10A AN
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • 1 PCE


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Clipsal Iconic
Aesthetic name
Product or component type
cover frame
Colour tint
anthracite (AN)
Type of packing
Quantity per set
set of 20
Range compatibility
switched socket
Product destination
switched socket
Device mounting
Number of rocker
Number of power socket outlets
[In] rated current
10 A
Installation direction
Fixing mode
Surface finish
Surface treatment
  • PC (polycarbonate): skin
  • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene): skin
    • Height
      120 mm
      78 mm
      12 mm
      Net weight
      0.02 kg
      Ambient air temperature for operation
      0-45 °C
      Relative humidity
      10-95 %
      Sustainable offer status
      Green Premium product
      EU RoHS Directive
      Toxic heavy metal free
      Mercury free
      RoHS exemption information
      China RoHS Regulation
       Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
      Environmental Disclosure

      Frequently Asked Questions

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      What is part number for cover to suit 3025VXUAG?

       The part number for cover to suit 3025VXUAG is the 3025VXC.


      Can I get a double power point with USB in Anthracite, in the Iconic range?

      What are the part numbers to make a Bluetooth switch with rotary dimmer in Anthracite?

      The Part numbers required to make a Bluetooth dimmer in Anthracite are:

      3042G -(Grid)
      3042C-AN -(Cover)
      40APB-AN -(Push button dolly in Anthricite)
      40EDIMKB-AN -(Rotary knob Kit in Anthricite)
      41E6PBES3SBM-VW -(Bluetooth Switch Mechanism)
      42E350RUD2M-VW -(Rotary Dimmer Mechanism)

      For further information please visit


      Can I still purchase Brush Aluminium (BA) plates for Clipsal C2025VS

      Plates for the old style vertical double socket is C2025VC-BA

      L1JCN - C2025V - what is the correct cover plate as old & new

      C2025VC-WE (old Style)
      C2025VC2-WE (new style

      What is the part number for the grid only in the Iconic range double gpo ?

      The grid 3025VXUAG is suitable for both the 3025V and 3025VXA setup ( the 2 units share a common grid )

      What is the alternate / replacement plates for the old Clipsal C2025VC in black

      C2025VC-BK is no longer available.  That would be for the C2025VS plates.  If the customer has a C2025V socket outlet 
      he could order the C2025VC2-BK covers as indent from Australia.

      What is the part number for an Anthracite cover for the Iconic range double GPO?

      The part number for an Anthracite cover for the Iconic range double GPO is - 3025C-AN

      For further information , visit link below:-
      User-added image

      Can an RCD protected outlet be used downstream from an RCD?

      Yes, a RCD protected outlet can be used Downstream from and RCD, however we can not guarantee the RCD powerpoint will trip first.

      The part number for the RCD protected outlet is 2025RC.
      Some of the key features are:

      • 1 pole
      • Style 1
      • 30 mA tripping current
      • Professional range
      • Double pole RCD
      • 30 ms typical trip time
      • -10 to 40 deg C temperature
      • 10Amp rated
      • 250V AC
      For further information please visit