Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger Horizontal Mount, 250V, 10A

Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger, Horizontal Mount, 250V, 10A

Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point with Dual USB Charger Horizontal Mount, 250V, 10A

Item Number: 3025USB2-VW

RRP (Inc. GST)

This Clipsal Iconic Double Power Point with twin dual A Type USB Charger combines modern conveniences and contemporary style. Interchangeable skins allow for a custom and versatile look.

Colour Vivid White (VW)
  • Vivid White 1 PCE

Product Dimensions

Width icon

Width120 mm

Height icon

Height78 mm

Depth icon

Depth44 mm

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Qty UoM EAN Colour
Clipsal Iconic gridplate 3025-15G Front view
Clipsal Iconic 3025 grid rear view




Clipsal Iconic

Product or component type

switched socket


Device presentation

complete product

Outlet poles configuration

2P + E with shutter

Device mounting


Number of power socket outlets


Number of rocker


Range compatibility

Outlet standard


Outlet standard description

with earthing contact

Outlet standard

Australian/New Zealand

Ground lug position

straight 180° position

Fixing mode

by screw

Installation direction


Type of packing


Quantity per set

set of 10

Sale per indivisible quantity


Rated current

10 A at 250 V AC 50 Hz

Electrical durability

12000 cycles

Screwdriver shape

  • Philips No 2
  • square drive no 1 (SQ1)
    • Clamping connection capacity

    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for stranded cable(s)
    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for flexible cable(s)
    • 1 x 2.5...4 x 2.5 mm² for rigid cable(s)
      • Wire stripping length

        16 mm


        78 mm


        120 mm


        44 mm

        Ambient air temperature for storage

        0-60 °C

        Ambient air temperature for operation

        0-45 °C

        Relative humidity

        10-95 %


      • AS/NZS 60950-1
      • AS/NZS 3112
        • Product certifications


          EU RoHS Directive

          Under investigation

          Environmental Disclosure



          Device composition

          2 USB charger


        • PC (polycarbonate): cover frame
        • ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene-styrene): cover frame
        • PC (polycarbonate): fixing frame
        • PP (polypropylene): rocker
        • POM (polyoxymethylene): shutter
        • POM (polyoxymethylene): locking bar
          • Others

            Package 1 Weight

            135 g

            Package 1 Height

            152 mm

            Package 1 width

            78 mm

            Package 1 Length

            120 mm
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            Frequently Asked Questions

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            What wall box suits the 2025USB?

            The 164 Wall box will suit the 2025USB.

            Is 2025USBC available in red?

            No.Unfortunately, part number 2025USBC is not available in Red.

            Will 30USBCM fit on 25XA, twin outlet with extra switch?

            Unfortunately not. 30USBCM will not fit on 25XA. We have 2025USBC, C2025USBC, 4025USBC and Z4025USBC twin outlets with 30USBCM assembled on the plate.
            For further information, please visit

            Do you have a Saturn double GPO with a USB charger?

            Yes, we do have a Saturn double GPO with a USB charger. the part number is 4025USBC

            What is the current rating of the USB charger mechanism in 3025USB2, double outlet with dual USB charger?

            40E2USBM is the part number of the USB charger mechanism used in 3025USB2.

            40E2USBM is a 2-wire mechanism with 2 USB ports suitable for charging electronic devices such as large tablets as well as smaller devices such as smartphones and music players.Each port is capable of a maximum output of 2.1 A, with a total maximum output across both ports of 3.1 A.

            Connect up to two devices such as a large tablet and a mobile phone to the USB port(s) on the Charging Mechanism using the USB cables supplied with the devices.
            The USB charging module will negotiate with the device to provide optimized charging current. If two high-demand devices such as large tablets are both connected to the Dual Port USB module, the devices will negotiate with the mechanism the amount of charge current they require. As connected devices increase their charge level, the amount of current they require will decrease.

            For further information on 40E2USBM, please visit
            For further information on 3025USB2, please visit

            Is the cap for usb in part no 4025USBC available as spare

            No unfortunately we dont have a cap to suit 4025USBC

            for more information on this part please refer to

            User-added image

            Does Clipsal sell assembled double outlet with the USB charger mech?

            No , We have sinlge outlets with USB chargers or you can fit 1 x  USB charger mech to either a 2025XA or a C2025XA ( in vertical configuration )

            For further information on this please visit the clipsal web site on the link provided

            What is part number for C2025USBC in Black?

            The part is not available as standard. But you require the following :
            C2025XUA-BK  X  1
            30USBCM      X 1
            USBC-CAPS-BK X 1 PK  
            This will enable switch to be supplied as Black

            Do I have to buy the 4025USBC complete or can I put it together myself?

            To get the Saturn double outlet with a USB charger You must buy it complete. The part number is 4025USBC.

            Some of the key features are:
            • Single 30USBCM in double GPO available as a standard reference in all colours of Saturn, Saturn Horizon and Saturn Zen
            • Smart 30USBCM Charger optimizes charging time and current through: A) BC1.2 Standard Compliance; B) Cable Compensation
            • 30USBCM includes short-circuit, over-voltage and over-temperature protection

            For further information please visit

            Is there a double GPO with USB in the Horizon range?

            Yes, we have the 4025USBC in the Horizon range.

            For more information, please refer to the link:


            What is the part number of the cover plate to suit 4025USBC, Saturn double GPO with Single USB Charger?

            4025XAC is the part number of the cover plate to suit 4025USBC.
            For further information, please visit

            What is the part number for a Saturn double outlet with a usb charger?

            The part number is 4025USBC.
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            Exploded view of the Clipsal Iconic skins range; Styl, essence and Standard.


            Clever. Customisable. Future-ready

            Iconic is a modern electrical accessories range based on a slim, sleek, clean design that is easy to customise with innovative modular mechanisms and grids with changeable skins and rockers.

            Iconic’s interchangeable standard, Styl and Essence skins offer great customisation to complement a specific decor or lifestyle.