nipple cond pvc scr 16mm

Solid Fittings - PVC, P.V.C Pressure Pipe Couplings, Nipples, 16mm

Catalogue Number: 243/16
nipple cond pvc scr 16mm
Colour: Grey
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • Grey 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
Series 243
PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
Connector type
thread connector
Product destination
diameter: 16-16 mm tube
28-28 mm
AS/NZS 2053
Sustainable offer status
Green Premium product
REACh free of SVHC
EU RoHS Directive
Pro-active compliance (Product out of EU RoHS legal scope)
Toxic heavy metal free
Mercury free
RoHS exemption information
China RoHS Regulation
 Pro-active China RoHS declaration (out of China RoHS legal scope)
Environmental Disclosure

Frequently Asked Questions

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How many 261/16 Clipsal saddles are there in a carton?

There are 50 16mm saddles in a carton.

Note: This information can be found in your Clipsal pocketbook right next to the part code.

Is there an extension ring to suit the 343?

Yes, there is the 93ER and also the 249/12 or 249/25.

What is the component breakdown of a XB4BS8444?

Components of an XB4BS8444.

Product Line:
Harmony Push Buttons

Harmony 22mm

Product Features

It is a ZB4BS844 and a ZB4BZ104.

Are the Clipsal Conduit Clips available in Electric Orange?

No, they are only available in grey.

This applies to the 280/16 (16mm), 280/20 (20mm), 280/25 (25mm), 280/32 (32mm), 280/40 (40mm) and 280/50 (50mm).

Are barrier kits available for the 9422ATF11, 9422ATF12 or 9422ATF13 200A or 9422TG 400A switches?

Do we have fingersafe covers for the 9422ATF11, 9422ATF12, 9422ATF13 or 9422TG Operating mechanisms?

Product Line:
9422 Operating Mechanisms

Operating Mechanism above 100A


No. Barriers are currently only available up to the 100A mechanism, 9422TE.

Is the 9001AB3 pushbutton momentary or maintained?

Is the 9001AB3 pushbutton momentary or maintained?
Product Line:
30mm Push Buttons
9001K/SK Operators
Determine if the correct part number was ordered.                           
The pushbutton is momentary. Part number is a Bubble packaged point of sale kit which consists of 9001KR5R; 9001KA1;9001KN205. The 9001KR5R is momentary.

Wire recommendation to use with EM4200 series meters

Wire recommendation to use with EM4200 series meters

Product Line
EM4200 series meters

Meter wiring 

The EM4200's recommended wire size for I/O, Communications, and CT is 24-16 AWG (0.2 to 1.5 mm2) shielded wire, solid or stranded.

What are the pinouts for current inputs on the AMI0810 when using the FTW308 cable with pigtail leads ?



  : Here are the pin assignments for current inputs I0 - I7 when using the FTW308 cable and the BMXAMI0810 .
    Current input 0  +                   pins 1/3 blue/white & white/blue are jumped together
    Current input 0  common        pin 2 white/orange
    Current input 1  +                   pins 4/6  green/ white & white/green are jumped together
    Current input 1  common        pin 5 orange/white
    Current input 2  +                   pins 7/9 white/brown  & brown/white are jumped together
    Current input 2  common        pin 8   white/gray 
    Current input 3  +                   pins 10/12 blue/red & red/blue are jumped together
    Current input 3  common        pin 11 gray/white
    Current input 4  +                   pins 15 /17 red/ orange & orange/ red are jumped together
    Current input 4  common        pin 16 red/green
    Current input 5  +                   pins 18/20 brown/red & red/brown are jumped together
    Current input 5  common        pin 19 green/red  
   Current input 6  +                 pins 21/23 red/gray & gray/ red are jumped together
   Current input 6  common        pin 22 black/blue
   Current input 7  +                   pins 24/26 black/orange & orange/ black are jumped together
   Current input 7  common        pin 25 blue/black 


Legacy KB System (APS) Data: RESL211859 V1.0, Originally authored by DaSo on 06/21/2013, Last Edited by DaSo on 06/21/2013
Related ranges: Modicon M340