sock swt twin 10a 250v neon

Switched Socket Twin 10A 250V Neon

Catalogue Number: 15/2N
sock swt twin 10a 250v neon
Colour: White Electric
Colour: Per UOM Std.
  • White Electric 1 PCE
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Product brand
Range of product
Standard Series
Control type
ON/OFF button
Number of gangs
2 gangs
Pin number
Number of power socket outlets
  • rocker
  • switch
    • Mounting position
      Fixing mode
      by screws
      Local signalling
      indicator light
      PC (polycarbonate)
      Surface finish
      [Ue] rated operational voltage
      250 V AC
      [In] rated current
      10 A
      14 mm
      115 mm
      115 mm
      Fixing center
      84 x 46 mm
    • AS/NZS 3100
    • AS/NZS 3112
    • AS/NZS 3133
    • AS/NZS 3000:approval number S/1
      • Frequently Asked Questions

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        Is a blanking plate available for 16/2?

        No. Unfortunately,there is no blank plate available for 16/2.

        What is the replacement for Merlin Gerin 15322 ?


        Does the 15725 have daylight savings function

        15725 has been superceded by CCT15837
        CCT15837 has NZ listed for daylight saving

        What is the part number of the wall clip suitable for large format Prestige P2000 plates?

        The part number for the wall clip suitable for large format Prestige P2000 plaes is 154/2.

        What bracket is used to suit the larger Prestige range.

        The bracket would be the 156/2.
        This is also available in a wall box version as a157/2.
        Please see below documentation for more information.

        What is the wall box for a P2033/2VA-WE

         Part code 157/2

        What is the Replacement Acti9 code for the Merlin Gerin 15322 din rail mounted buzzer?

        Is there a mounting block for the 16/2?

        No, there is not.

        Are there instructions for 15724 Timer?

        Told Yes

        For the 15725 programmable timer what is the battery that fits into it?

        CR2032 battery

        What is the part code for a pulse relay 16Amp 2P 240V ac coil voltage

        Use a 15520

        How is it possible to determine if an Enercept Meter is the Basic or Enhanced model?

        A System ID register located at addresses 30 (Integer) and 315 (Float) exists within the Enercept Meter. Reading that register will yield one of two values:
        A value of 15022 will be returned from the Enhanced Enercept model.
        A value of 15023 will be returned from the Basic Enercept model.

        What would be the part number for an Earth Clip, 16/20 mm.

        Pressed Metal Conduit Fittings, Earth Clips, Water pipe adjustable earth clip 15 - 20mm or 1/2 - 3/4 inch.
        Please see following link under the documentation tab for full catalogue.

        Does Clipsal have a blank plate in the standard series, the same size as a 25/2?

        Yes we do, it's the 31/2VX-WE.

        Is the PDL 648TM setup for 15min from switch on with no manual override

         Mode = D3 = mode setting #4 delay setting = 6

        What mounting clip do I use for a large Prestige switch?

        You would use a 154/2.

        Are there any instructions for a 15724 timer?

         Yes, there is an instruction sheet for the 15724 timer.

        For further information please view the attached document.


        What is the alternative safety transformer part code for the Merlin Gerin 15222?

        Part number 15222 is no longer available the alternative is the A9A15222.
        Please use link for Data sheet:

        L1JCN - What is the code for the flush box to suit 31/2VX-WE

        157/2 wall box 2gang

        What is the current replacement for the 15725

        The part number is the CCT15838 the main difference is this has N/O contacts and the 15725 had C/O contacts.
        (See attached data sheet)

        Does Clipsal offer a fire rated wall box for the P2025/2?

        Yes, part is 157/2F

        What is the part code for a 240 to 24V 100VA transformer

        The largest transformer that we have is 63VA - The part code is 15222

        Does the PDL switch mech 687M10 switch DC 12/24 volts?

        The switch mech 687M10 is not tested on DC switching and is NOT rated for DC circuits.

        What are the dimensions of a 157/2F fire rated wallbox?

        The dimensions of a 157/2F fire rated wall box is 94mm(H) X 97mm(W) X 47mm(D).

        What wall clip is used for Prestige large format plates?

        The 154/2 is the clip to suit any Prestige large format plate 115mm x 115mm

        Part number for a C clip to suit prestige range?

        The part name is 154/2

        What c clip suits the P2033/2 switch?

        The c clip that suits the P2033/2 switch is the 154/2.

        What is the mounting bracket to suit Prestige large format plates?

        Part number 156/2 can be used on all Prestige large format plates.

        Is the gasket in the 157/2F just for acoustic rating?

        The gasket supplied with the 157/2F is used to achieve the acoustic and fire rating.

        Some of the key features are:
        • Easy access for cables and conduits
        • Suitable for virtually any fire rated application
        • Sound transmission rating for virtually any application

        For further information please visit

        What is the flush box to suit the P2025/2?

        Standard 2 gang flush box will suit -  part number 157/2

        What is part number for mounting clip to suit 25/2V?

        The part number for mounting clip is a 154/2.

        Is there a mounting block for 16/2, skirting mount, double power point?

        No, unfortunately the mounting block to suit 16/2 is not available for for the skirting mout double power point.

        For further inforation on our product range please visit

        Are there double GPO's that are individually wired on each side?

        Yes, there are a few GPO's that are individually wired, they are C2016/2, 16/2MF, 2015/2V and 15/2V. In a weather proof option we have the WSC227/1/2

        Changing the Language of the Symmetra PowerView RM Display


        I need to change the language displayed by my PowerView RM display interface

        Product Line

        Symmetra Power Array
        Symmetra RM
        Symmetra LX
        Symmetra PX
        Smart-UPS VT
        Smart-UPS RT 15/20 kVA
        PowerView display interface


        All serial ranges


        The display defaults to using the English language.  The user may opt to display the information in a different language.


        You can change the language by downloading new firmware into the PowerView RM interface. French, German, Italian, and Spanish are available on the enclosed CD. Support for additional languages may be available on the CD or at the APC Web site ( Product documentation in these languages also appears on the CD or at the APC Web site.  To change the language of the interface, perform the following steps in the order given.

        1. Disconnect the PowerView RM from the UPS.

        2. Disconnect the data cable from the RJ-45 port of the PowerView RM.

        3. Connect the programming cable (included, APC part number 940-0082) between PowerView RM and the UPS data cable:
        a. Attach the RJ-45 connector to the port on the rear of the PowerView RM interface.
        b. Connect the female DB-9 connector of the programming cable to a serial port on the computer. The downloading computer must have access either to the file on the CD provided with PowerView RM or to the APC Web site.
        c. Attach the UPS data cable to the female RJ-45 connector on the programming cable.

        4. Locate the language program file to be downloaded into PowerView RM. Each language program file appears on the CD under the folder of its language(Français, Español, etc.) with a .bin extension. Program files for additional language support or code updates may be available on the APC Web site.

        5. Place the PowerView interface in programming mode by pressing simultaneously the three keys on the right (Escape, Help, and Enter) for about three seconds, until the interface emits a long beep. The LCD will display the Programming screen. To leave the Programming screen before starting a file transfer (step 6), press Esc until it beeps (about one second).

        6. Start HyperTerminal or another terminal emulation program on the computer. Set the communication parameters to 8 bits, no parity, no flow control, 1 stop bit, and 19,200 bps. After establishing a connection, use the Xmodem protocol to transfer the language program file from the CD or your download folder to PowerView RM. When the file transfer is complete, the PowerView RM interface will reset itself and display the Startup screen in the new language. If the file transfer fails, the interface will reset itself. Retry the file transfer by repeating steps 5 and 6.

        7. Quit the terminal session. Disconnect the programming cable and reconnect the UPS data cable to the PowerView RM RJ-45 port.

        8. Affix the PowerView RM to the UPS.

        Will 25/2V double outlet, large size, vertical fit on 155P2 plaster bracket?

        Yes, 25/2V will fit on 155P2. 25/2V is  Large Size Format 115 x 115mm, Double Power Outlet rated to 250V 10A.
        For further information please visit:
        User-added image

        155P2 is a large plaster mounting bracket with 84mm mounting centre. For further information please visit:
        User-added image

        What is the dimension of 90BD2 insulating shroud?

        The dimension of 90BD2 insulating shroud is 105mm(length) 78mm(width) 65mm(depth). 90BD2 insulating shroud, large type format, deep type, meets double insulation requirements (suits 156/2 metal brackets).
        For further information, please visit
        User-added image

        - Does the 30USBCM fit into 2025XA and C2025XA

        Yes it will fit into 2025XA / C2025XA, with the following mounting hardware only: 154, 154RM, 154/1, 155NAR, 155VNAR, 155PRM, 156/2, 157, 164, 449A. Will not fit SC2025XA / 25XA. ( Also please note that it will need to be placed into plate in vertical configuration)
        For more information on the 30USBCM please visit the Clipsal web site or click  link provided .

        What is the part number of the mounting block to suit 25/2V Standard range, double socket outlet, large size format 115 x 115mm?

        448SD and 448 are the mounting blocks to suit 25/2V, Standard range, double socket outlet, large size format 115 x 115mm.  Dimensions of the mounting block are as follows:

        For further information , please visit
        User-added image
        User-added image

        What is the part number of the fire rated wall box to suit large format (size 116 x 116mm) P2000, Prestige plates?

        157/2F is the part number of the fire rated wall box to suit large format P2000, Prestige plates. 157/2F is 2 Gang Metal Fire Rated Wall Box, with sliding nuts for accurate alignment of accessory, for masonry walls. Suits 1 hour and 2 hour fire rated applications. Dimensions are 94mm (L) x 97mm (W)x 47mm (D). Mounting centers are 84mm x 46mm.


        Are there skirting mounted Single power points in classic series?

        No, in that particular series there is only a skirting mounted double power point avaliable. The part number for that is C2016/2. However in the standard series there is a skirting mounted Single power point aswell as skirting mounted double power point. The part number for the skirting mounted Single power point is 16 and the part number for the skirting mounted double power point is 16/2.

        How to update the HMIG3U Vijeo Designer runtime to XD runtime?

        How to update the HMIG3U Vijeo Designer runtime to XD runtime?

        Product Line:
        HMIGTU, Vijeo XD, Vijeo Designer



        To update the HMIG3U runtime from Vijeo Designer to Vijeo XD simply by downloading to the target with Vijeo XD over the USB media connection.   The initial download to update the runtime will take 15-20 minutes to complete.

        How to check all interconnected smoke alarms operate correctly? (Mixed wired and Wireless Interconnection applications)

        • Press the test button on each interconnected smoke alarm, (one at a time) for 15-20 seconds.
        • The smoke alarm itself will sound first within 5 seconds, then ALL other interconnected smoke alarms should sound their alarm within another 15 seconds. (You may need someone’s help to check all other interconnected smoke alarms do sound).
        • Make sure to repeat the test from all the other interconnected smoke alarms. If any alarms do not sound, please follow the attached file “Detailed testing process” for more checks.
        • If all alarms operate when checked from all locations, then your smoke alarm system is working properly.

        What fire rated wallbox would be used with the Prestige series ?

        The  fire rated wall box that suits the prestige series would be the 157/2F.
        Some of its key features are:
        • 2 gang
        • Sliding nut
        • Robust construction
        • High quality corrosion resistant finish
        • Ample knockouts
        • 1 and 2 hour fire rating - back to back
        • Acoustic rated up to STC50
        • Accessories easy to align. No distortion, even in the toughest conditions
        • Easy access for cables and conduits
        • Suitable for virtually any fire rated application
        • Sound transmission rating for virtually any application
        • For masonry walls
        • 84x46 mm mounting centres
        • Fire and acoustically rated
        • For masonry walls
        • Knockouts: 4 x 20, 2 x 25 Back, 2 x 20 LH Side, 2 x 25 RH Side
        For further information please visit


        Can I use the XW+ AGS as stand-alone?

         The Auto Gen Start is not designed for stand-alone operation. It does not function in a simple system containing only an Auto Gen Start and a generator. The Auto Gen Start requires several other components for configuration and operation.

        Generator - The generator should have automatic starting capability. Some manufacturers of generators without this capability may sell an optional automatic engine control module that will simplify operation with the Auto Gen Start. The generator should also supply a Generator Run signal, which the Auto Gen Start uses to detect whether the generator is running. Some generator manufacturers refer to this signal as the hour meter signal or Switched B+.
        NOTE : Firmware revisions 2.3 and later do not require a dedicated run signal, rather it uses the presence of AC (AC2 input) to verify the generator has started. Type14 does not monitor a run signal at all.

        Control panel - A separate control panel is required to configure the Auto Gen Start and monitor generator starting and stopping activity. The control panel also provides real-time clock information for the Auto Gen Start Quiet Time and Exercise Time features.

        Network power : The Auto Gen Start requires a Xanbus power supply to operate. Network power is carried by the network cables, and is supplied by the inverter/charger. As a device that draws network power, the Auto Gen Start consumes a maximum of 3 watts.
        Start and stop triggers - The Auto Gen Start requires a source of start and stop triggers for automatic operation. These triggers can come from:
        • Thermostat 12/24 V input.
        • Battery voltage, state of charge, and inverter load status. This information is transmitted over the network by the inverter/charger.

        Which wall box suits the large size, twin socket outlet 25/2V?

        The wall box that suits the large size, twin socket outlet 25/2V is 257D2-GY.
        Its key features are:
        • 2 gang
        • 84 mm x 46 mm mounting center
        • Suits universal wall construction
        • With 20 mm cut-outs one end and 25 mm cut-outs at other, impact resistant, deep-type
        For further information please visit

        Power Monitoring Expert v8.2: KPI Report missing calculated data when input sources have different Data Interval and one has Time Jitter

        Azzo Calculation Engine Report is not handling the rollup properly if there is time jitter.

        This issue is observed in the PME v8.2 system running KPI reports in which if out of two devices one has time jitter and both devices are logging in different time interval (for Ex: one logging with 15min and another with 30min)

        PME 8.2 with Azzo Calculation Engine.

        Issue with the Azzo Calculation Engine report logic.

        To fix this issue, download the attached '' contains 'Reporting.AZZO.Common.dll' file, unzip the same and replace the file in the PME install directory ‘\system\ReportDataService\bin’ folder.