Main Switch, 1 Pole, 35A, Flush Mount

White Electric | Main Switch, 1 Pole, 35A, Flush Mount

Main Switch, 1 Pole, 35A, Flush Mount

Item Number: SF35-WE



Qty UoM EAN Colour



Product brand



Switch function


Number of poles


Device mounting


Local signalling


Rated current

35 A


without marking

EU RoHS Directive

Under investigation

Device presentation

basic element


Unit Type of Package 1


Number of Units in Package 1


Package 1 Weight

88.0 g

Package 1 Height

4 cm

Package 1 width

7 cm

Package 1 Length

12 cm
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are some ways I can save money on my home’s electricity bill?

We get asked this a lot – and rightly so. We all want to be as efficient with our energy and reduce our energy bills. Easy ways you can make immediate savings are:

  1. Installing LED lights – they use less energy, last longer and lower your environmental impact.
  2. Stop paying for standby power – even when your devices are on ‘standby mode’ they’re using power. If you’re not using them, turn them off.
  3. Check your devices’ eco settings – and turn them on! They’ll save power for you.

If you’re looking for a long-term solution, check out our Wiser Energy Management options or speak with your electrician about the best options for you. Installing Wiser Energy management solutions allows you to use the Wiser by SE app and keep track of your usage, maximise your solar, and save on bills.

You can find more tips on how you can save on your electricity bill each month here.

What’s the difference between an RCD and safety switch and do I need one?

Essentially, nothing. ‘Safety switch’ is often a common name for an RCD, which stands for ‘residual current device’. It monitors the electrical currents in your home and if there is a fault or compromised circuit – whether it be from an appliance, wire or switch – it quickly disconnects the power.

We highly recommend speaking with your electrician about ways that you ensure your home is electrically safe.